Tender Lies A wicked and disturbing horror short film directed by Veekrant Raj

“Tender Lies” is a thrilling new short film that taps into horror aesthetics and gore.

October 2023 – “Tender Lies” is a thrilling new short film that taps into horror aesthetics and gore.

Director Veekrant Raj packed quite a lot in just under 8 minutes, making for a fast-paced, suspenseful, entertaining, and dynamic rollercoaster ride.

The film follows Laura, a young woman dealing with the aftermath of a difficult breakup. Fleeing her old life, she sets out to find a fresh start somewhere else, hoping to escape her ex-boyfriend by moving elsewhere. After eventually coming across a place online, she took off towards her new beginning. However, the idyllic town where she found herself holds more than meets the eye. Can Laura place her faith in the people she encounters? She’ll soon discover that dark secrets often hide in plain sight.

Veekrant Raj masterfully crafts a tale that keeps viewers questioning the motives and sincerity of the characters, building tension and suspense at every turn. With clever writing and compelling backstories, the film immerses its audience in a world where nothing is as it seems.

The story’s pacing as it unfolds is perfectly suited to the short film format, ensuring there’s never a dull moment, and every scene contributes to the mounting tension.

Joana Malta, Jessica Ureste, Laura Mendes, and Jon Summers breathe life into their characters, adding depth and uthenticity to the story and staying true to Veekrant’s vision. Not only did the latter direct the short film, but he also co-wrote the screenplay and co-edited the project alongside his collaborator, Shivnaen Lal. The hands-on approach led to a well-crafted and cohesive narrative that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Find out more and check out “Tender Lies” on Youtube.

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