Secret Hidden New Zealand Film Premiere “Romeo Yusupov”

Fans Erupt at the New Zealand Premiere for “Romeo Yusupov”, an award winning short Documentary. Celebrations take place for a truly Iconic & historical Moment for Aotearoa.
From left: Menzi Mdwara, Romeo Yusupov, and Alpine-Air Waikato, at the New Zealand premiere for Romeo Yusupov at The Capitol Cinema Photo / Haley Rachel Blaylock

A competent and highly-skilled influencer & Weight Loss Ambassador For Women over 40 has captivated fans around the globe, Romeo Yusupov has left his footprints in the entertainment industry, keeping his fans engaged with his latest award winning documentary “Romeo Yusupov. his family took refuge in Pakistan after fleeing from multiple wars including Chechnya, Tajikistan, Afghanistan & Kashmir to finally moving to New Zealand at the age of   2.

With his undeniable talent and profound skills, Romeo Yusupov has always been able to captivate the attention of his fans by creating entertaining yet knowledgeable content. His latest documentary ” Romeo Yusupov has been selected in film festivals around the world including Russia, Ukraine, America, United Kingdom, Africa & The Middle East. Winning multiple awards for best documentary, it has gained the attention of the public and several eminent individuals in the industry. The documentary film was premiered at The Capitol Cinema in Auckland, as fans were screaming “Aotearoa”. The short documentary film raised $1035 NZ Dollars from Ticket Sales, and instead of making any profit Romeo chooses to fly to a War Torn country to buy school kids food and Schooling goods with every cent of it.

“My whole 10+ years in this modeling and acting industry i was told that what I want to do is impossible and when I did some of it they said that I was stupid for rejecting opportunities and brand contracts and  No one cares about meaningful things or helping others its all about Business, clickbait and entertainment and earning money from that and that ill never become anything in this industry since I don’t follow the protocols of being a celebrity and I choose to live a life dedicated to God and help humanity instead. They don’t understand that God made this world and that No one can beat his support or power and they will see this very soon. Also everyone says things are impossible until they are done, plus for God its all easy since he can make anything happen so I’m not bothered by people” Shared by Romeo Yusupov in an interview with indiewrap”

“I was at a place in my life where I was physically & emotionally dead; I made multiple attempts to commit suicide, and I had completely lost the will to live. “I feel there is no quick fix to healing from a traumatic childhood, but that is life, and you have to accept the cards you are dealt with and be the best version you can be because, at the end of the day, you cannot change the past”

shares Romeo Yusupov, during an interview with the media.

No media or public were allowed to attend the premier of the documentary film ,unless they were sent a secret vip invite on facebook messenger. ” I don’t want the media or Officials to steal this moment away from these lovely people of Aotearoa, so I banned them and made it a secret” shares Romeo Yusupov. The tickets were sold privately and the money was raised to help kids and Women in war zones around the world. With an aim to help the victims of the war, Romeo Yusupov made sure to invest the profits earned by the film for charity purposes. Romeo Yusupov an award winning weight loss coach describes his legacy as a movement to help women over 40 lose weight and take complete control of their lives. The story of the film focuses on his family’s journey from multiple wars and how they got to New Zealand and how he overcame every adversity he faced in life, including war, bullying, being kidnapped, mental trauma, as well as trying to commit suicide. he is becoming a worldwide ambassador for New Zealand and all people around the world, showing them that New Zealand also has influencers.

It’s no secret that Romeo has huge potential as his image grows in this industry. He has been featured in countless magazines, newspapers, and TV shows. In addition to earning credibility, he has made great strides in his career due to the heartfelt and influential documentary he produced. “I am Chosen by God To Protect Humanity & I will do my job as an ambassador For Women & Kids Around the world, no matter if I lose my life or not I will do my job as God is the most powerful & protector and this is truly how I feel. I have been sent so many modeling &  acting offers with great contracts but I rejected them all because they are misguiding and lying to the people and promoting hidden evil and my job is help protect Humanity. This is what I stand for and one day my name will be a symbol of peace and love for women’s rights across the world. I have a big project which I’m working on and cannot share it until the time is right and I could lose my life in this next project but I’m willing to die for humanity” Shares Romeo Yusupov during his interview with the media.

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