Robert Michael’s Paranormal Drama “Oblivious” Takes on the Upcoming Primetime EMMY Awards Season

Hailed as a “Poignant narrative” and a “comfort for those facing death”, Robert Michael’s original TV Movie “Oblivious” is prepped for the upcoming EMMY awards season.

Hailed as a “Poignant narrative” and a “comfort for those facing death”, Robert Michael’s original TV Movie “Oblivious” is prepped for the upcoming EMMY awards season. Oblivious is a paranormal television drama about a young woman struggling to come to terms with her terminal illness. She finds help from paranormal forces to guide her to peace and acceptance.

Oblivious was directed, written, scored, and produced by Robert Michael . Other executive producers include Diana Maiocco, Hayden Conner Ashworth, Shaun Jones, and Nicole Gordon-Levitt. Tony Toscano of The Place reported that “Oblivious is not a typical horror film but rather a deep dive into finding peace and light when facing death.”

Robert Michael stars as Collin, and the film also features American Horror Story fan favorite Naomi Grossman as Willow, Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) as The Voice, Daniel Hall (The Young and the Restless) as Johnny, and introduces Vanessa Lauren Gamble as Claire. Robert Michael and Daniel Hall are under consideration for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Movie, Naomi Grossman for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Movie, and Robert Michael is also up for Outstanding Original Score in a Television Movie and Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for “On That Day.”

“The filmis heavily focused on the subject of fear,” Robert Michael said, “and of what fear leads us to do. Quite often, fear is more deadly than any virus or disease we have. It has led people to make irrational, extreme decisions, and often those are the ones we cannot come back from.” He went on to say “the world is a dark place right now. It’s becoming harder and harder to find the light, and people will relate to this subject in the film. Even if you’re not struggling with an illness, we all go through pain and uncertainty . I want everyone to remember that after the darkest storm, the grass grows greener and the rainbows shine brighter. The light is coming, even if you have to find it yourself.”

“The film’s portrayal of death as a peaceful transition is both comforting and thought provoking” Olivia Calderwood of UpNext concluded, “making Oblivious a MUST WATCH for those seeking a deeper understanding of life’s final chapter.”

Oblivious originally broadcast primetime on KVVB last summer, and is now available to stream on Prime and TUBI. For a full list of cast and crew, check out the film’s IMDB page.

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