Close Up On Kian Kavousi

How the actors dynamic acting skills launched him to prominence and new opportunities.

As the industry is continuously evolving, Kian Kavousi is among those actors, who constantly finds new ways to deliver memorable performances. One of the most standout qualities is his versatility which ensures his roles to be entirely unique. IndieWrap has been following the actor as he has entered the international stage.

Known for the globally successful release of The Chosen on Netflix and Prime Video, alongside Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, Kavousi’s performance allowed him to work his way into the hearts of millions. Celebrated by the fans of the show he brought a character with a rich backstory to life. The official app for the show is available on the App Store and Google Play, keeping viewers up to date about the newest developments and roundtables with the filmmakers.

Kavousi’s work ethic opened doors to a diverse array of national and international films. A glance at his filmography reveals his aptitude in crafting dimensional characters, which shines through in the four Best Actor awards for the film The Last Chance, following a man navigating an existential crisis, and his lead role in the political thriller The Big Apple – soon seeing a revival into a TV series after the project claimed the Best Film award at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival. Further honors include a Best Film nomination at the Cannes World Film Festival and Toronto International Women Film Festival, plus a nomination as finalist at the Europa Film Festival.

In addition he was cast in Sarah Is Not Her Name, debuting at the Cannes Film Festival, and in feature films such as First Born with Val Kilmer, William Baldwin and Hallmark star Taylor Cole. With several new projects currently in development and others in post-production, his career trajectory shows no signs of slowing. This is the reason why he goes to great lengths to prepare for each role, defining a prolific career where the amount of effort he puts into his work proves this actor is here to stay.

Apart from starring in films and TV series there are other accomplishments the actor is celebrated for. Throughout the years he has contributed to the broader industry that earned him respect and recognition among film professionals. His expertise has led to invitations to serve as a judge for premier film festivals including the Oscar-qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival, Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival and Sunset Film Festival. Moreover, he was selected to be on the SAG-AFTRA Motion Picture Nominating Committee.

Over the course of his fast developing career Kian Kavousi exemplifies his artistic range with admirable consistency. It’s the fusion of his abilities and creativity that forms the beating heart of his success, which he, in turn, channels into bringing vibrant characters to the screen. Driven by his vision he has established himself as a valuable performer capable of connecting with global audiences on a massive scale and as an important contributor in actively shaping and redefining the future landscape of acting.

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