Audrey Hepburn, the global icon, will have her own musical. Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Audrey’s son, joins forces with screenwriter / producer José Ignacio Salmerón and composer Fernando Velázquez to create a world class musical and to pre announce the 2025 Madrid world premiere of “BUSCANDO A AUDREY” (“BECOMING AUDREY”). Madrid will be the showcase from which it will be exported to the rest of the world.

Ferrer commented: “This is not the classic biography. When my mother was asked to write hers, she always answered: ‘Nothing special happened to me. I just went to work and people liked it’. We created a script with deep cinematic roots that mirrors her life, career and humanitarian legacy.’

The writer / film producer acknowledges that they chose Madrid to celebrate the world premiere of the musical dedicated to his mother because, “in addition to being the third capital in terms of business volume for musicals, Madrid is in the midst of a social and economic boom. Furthermore, my ancestors are Spanish – we spent many happy years here – my mother always loved this wonderful culture.”

The idea and script for this creation comes from José Ignacio Salmerón, a comedian, screenwriter and producer of numerous theatrical hits. “To build a musical around the persona of Audrey Hepburn has been an exciting challenge. This unique and elegant woman, with infinite kindness, has been an extraordinary source of inspiration to create a musical comedy full of emotions and surprises,” confesses Salmerón.

The original score and lyrics for “Buscando a Audrey” / “Becoming Audrey” are by Spanish composer, Fernando Velázquez, winner of a Grammy Award and a Goya, and soundtrack creator of some of Spain’s top film hits such as The Impossible,The Spanish Affair and The Orphanage.

In addition, the musical contains a hidden surprise: The last unpublished song by the world renowned composer Henry Mancini, winner of four Oscars and twenty Grammy Awards. 2024 marks the centenary of Mancini’s birth. He composed most of Audrey’s film soundtracks as well as the iconic Moon River, which is immediately associated with Hepburn from her first rendition in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The production will have a top team of creative professionals whose talent has earned them thirty prestigious awards (Max Theater Awards, Musical Theater Awards and Broadway World)

Becoming Audrey / Buscando a Audrey, The Musical

Audrey Hepburn marked a before and after in Hollywood, becoming a myth for the way she understood and lived her life. Today, with only five years left to celebrate the centenary of her birth, she continues to top the rankings of fashion, style, beauty and elegance. More than three hundred books have been written about her, while documentaries and television series continue to be produced about her life and her name frequently appears in the media undoubtedly also due to her humanitarian legacy.

This production will delight her faithful followers, lovers of music, cinema and musicals as well as her youngest fans who want to know how her charisma, elegance and humility conquered the world and her legend was forged.

“BUSCANDO A AUDREY” (“BECOMING AUDREY”) will premiere in Madrid early Spring 2025.

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