Chelsea Muirhead, star of HBO series Warrior, raises awareness for mental health

There is no place like home. Not only a timeless adage but a statement that Chelsea Muirhead would undoubtedly agree with.

There is no place like home. Not only a timeless adage but a statement that Chelsea Muirhead would undoubtedly agree with. After filming scenes for the highly anticipated HBO series Warrior in South Africa, she admits she is happy to be back in Toronto, the city she calls home. Here, she can reconnect to her roots and hook up with the artistic community that has always supported her, the people who made such a career possible.

The co-creation of screenwriter and novelist Jonathan Tropper, Warrior is the story of a Chinese-American warrior in 19th Century San Francisco. It openly discusses issues such as racism and prejudice, both prevalent in those times and, more importantly, still poignant and important issues today.

As a recurring cast member, Warrior is the perfect platform for Muirhead and the pursuit of mental balance in an increasingly hectic world. Through her social media outlets, she shares tips about her health regime, which takes meditation, exercise, journaling, and therapy with her followers.

As she says, ” I’m excited to use this platform to raise awareness about mental health and encourage others to care for themselves.”

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