Chicago Businesswoman and Humanitarian, Calynn Lawrence, is Now the Youngest to Win 2 Person of the Year Awards At OncE

In January of 2024, the annual Person of the Year Awards winners were announced for 2023. 28-year-old Calynn M. Lawrence, CEO of the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, was honored as both the 2023 Media Member and Entrepreneur of the Year for her work in marketing, media and community service.
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In January of 2024, the annual Person of the Year Awards winners were announced for 2023. 28-year-old Calynn M. Lawrence, CEO of the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, was honored as both the 2023 Media Member and Entrepreneur of the Year for her work in marketing, media and community service.

This makes her the youngest person to win two awards at once in the competition! Following her 2023 win at the global Influencer Magazine Awards for Social Impact Champion of the Year, this brings her to 20 total national and international awards throughout her career. She is currently one of the most decorated indie publishers with a passion for telling the stories of underrepresented creatives, businesspeople, public figures and aspiring talents.

Through her firm’s strategically affordable marketing and publicity services and the free services including the annual awards ceremony offered by her nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project, Calynn’s work has benefitted close to 900 individuals, brands and organizations. In 2021, she made history by founding what became one of the largest pro bono advertising agencies worldwide, named a “legion of potential legends” in the press. Through owning several news outlets outright, she leverages her power as a publisher to highlight a diverse, equitable and inclusive range of people, organizations and causes. Her commitment to curating content for her publications that prioritizes marginalized society is immense as a black woman from the inner-city who spent years as a freelance magazine editor and live cable television journalist.

Her current portfolio of owned media outlets contains:

Chicago Talent TV was started by Calynn in 2018. It has been her video podcast where she interviews those local to the Illinois area with big dreams, hearts, hustles for free. Throughout their 3 seasons, they’ve amassed nearly 200,000 views, a 5-star rating from fans, and praise from media critics on a shoestring budget of a few hundred dollars. She has decided to begin production for Season 4 in late 2024.

The World Times was acquired by Calynn’s firm in January of 2022. This is an international digital newspaper that promotes and advocates for inclusivity and diversity within media representation. This publication provides global news and impactful stories from people of varying cultures and backgrounds.

What’s Good Weekly was created by Calynn’s firm in May of 2020. This is an online magazine that reports positive weekly world news on all things pop culture. They give you “the Global Getdown,” emphasizing positivity by only sharing content that is inspiring, motivational, and/or informative.

Millionaires in the Making was created by Calynn’s firm in March of 2020. This is an online publication that works to spotlight and provide informational content for budding entrepreneurs and talents. With a mix of interviews, business news, start up resources and personal finance content, this is the spot for getting money motivated.

Icons in the Now was co-created by Calynn and a former partner and fully transitioned to her ownership in April of 2020. This unique comic-book themed publication acknowledges that not all heroes wear capes or super suits. Thus, they spotlight the everyday heroes that are hiding in plain sight who are saving lives, changing the world, and creating an impact.

As Told by Calynn M. Lawrence (formerly Fashion Thunderclap) was the genesis of Calynn’s media career. She got her start blogging as a high school freshman in January of 2011, mostly about fashion and beauty. This then turned into a popular source for her supporters to follow her adventures walking numerous red carpets in the US and overseas, building her career, collaborating with others in the industry, making memories, hitting milestones and having fun! Hence, it is now known to be home to her “Living My Best Life Tour.”

The Fresh Faces Project Blog began as an extension of her personal blog but eventually became its own website in May of 2020 once the participation became too big to be a subgenre. This blog is completely nonprofit and showcases press releases from, interviews with and various resources for up and coming business owners, do-gooders and artists. It also showcases the numerous opportunities offered by the nonprofit initiative such as small business donations, the free annual awards ceremony, micro-scholarships and more!

Despite a plethora of accomplishments in marketing and media, Calynn yearns to be better and do better in her career and her community. She is on track to finish her Doctorate degree in Pastoral Counseling in the fall of this year to become licensed to practice as a faith based therapist and board certified as a trauma specialist. Her plan is to use this education with her Master of Science in Management & Leadership degree to migrate into a public sector leadership position before she turns 30. She is striving to have a direct impact on designing and promoting holistic neighborhood programming for underserved populations that enables health and happiness.

Follow her journey at

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