From Europe to New York: Colombian filmmaker showcased in Paris and New York

The rising career of Isabella Granada receives new international recognition.

Two Outstanding Works

Colombian cinematographer Isabella Granada has not one, but two works selected to be part of the premier showcase of young cinema in New York this year. The selected short films are: “I Guess That’s It,” directed by Sarah Simpson and produced by Rianne Pyle and Sarah Simpson, and “LoveBomb,” directed and produced by Sarah Simpson.

Isabella Granada’s close collaboration with Sarah Simpson is not coincidental. On the international cinematic stage, the Colombian artist has distinguished herself for her outstanding quality, impressive technical knowledge, and especially her creative talent. This creativity has led her to develop the concept of “Visual Poetry,” which has become her identity and has earned her recognition within various artistic and creative communities with whom she collaborates on projects at all levels.

I Guess That’s It, Directed by Sarah Simpson. Cinematography by Isabella Granada
LoveBomb, Directed and Produced by Sarah Simpson. Cinematography by Isabella Granada

From Europe to New York

Recently, “Intaglio,” a short film co-produced and directed by Isabella Granada, won the Best Fashion Film category at the Cine Paris Film Festival in France, elevating its significance in the world of European cinema. This achievement was further reinforced by an Honorable Mention at the Greenwich Film Festival in London. It allows this emerging figure in Colombian cinema to nurture hopes for further recognition of her work at other film festivals where it has been selected to participate.

Securing these distinctions in the highly competitive and esteemed world of European cinema, and now having two more of her works selected for one of the most renowned showcases of young cinematic art in the world’s capital, speaks volumes about the extraordinary quality of Isabella’s work and how her exceptional and charming talent is celebrated across different platforms.

INT AGLIO, Directed by Isabella Granada, Produced by Sarah Simpson and Isabella Granada

The awards and distinctions that Isabella Granada’s work has been receiving are a source of pride for all of Latin American art. They joyfully witness how their artists, across various fields, seek to express their voices while emphasizing their cultural and human roots in creations that shine with originality and honesty.

In October 2023, in New York, two of Isabella Granada’s works will be presented alongside nearly 300 other films from around the world, before one of the most demanding panels of judges in the international art and film industry. Colombian young cinema is now on the world stage, thanks in part to the talent, dedication, effort, and inspiration of Isabella Granada.

THE NEW YORK SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a major annual film event that highlights the best short films by young independent artists whose work excels in modern cinema. This festival has selected and screened short films that have been winners or nominees for Oscars in past years. Therefore, just being selected to participate guarantees a significant artistic endorsement at the international level for a cinematic work and its creators.

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