‘Detrimental’ Honored at the 19th Chinese American Film Festival

In a surprising twist of fate, ‘Detrimental,’ a 2023 sci-fi creation, has been bestowed with the unexpected honor of Outstanding Feature Film Released on Streaming at the 19th Chinese American Film Festival.

LOS ANGELES – In a surprising twist of fate, ‘Detrimental,’ a 2023 sci-fi creation, has been bestowed with the unexpected honor of Outstanding Feature Film Released on Streaming at the 19th Chinese American Film Festival. This heartwarming recognition goes beyond the production team’s wildest dreams, serving as a gentle nod to the collective efforts of the dedicated cast and crew.

James Hung, the unassuming writer and director steering this ship, found himself amidst the glitz and glamour of the 19th CAFF in Los Angeles on November 1, 2023. In a candid moment, he shared the understated significance of this award ceremony, emphasizing its role in offering a platform for Asian American creatives.

A brainchild of the collaborative genius between Hung, Media Asia Film and iQIYI, ‘Detrimental’ unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating dust storm on Island 211, wreaking havoc on a mining camp and stranding Raven, a blind technician, alongside his crew. As an enigmatic creature unleashes chaos upon the camp, its malevolent gaze inflicts gruesome marks, sealing the victims’ fate with decayed flesh. Raven must confront his deepest fears, leading his crew in a harrowing battle against this deadly force, transforming the island into a nightmarish battleground.

Gratitude echoes through every frame of ‘Detrimental,’ a labor of love that emerged from the collaborative spirit of a team driven by passion. The production team finds themselves humbled by the acknowledgment, recognizing that as a small production has found a place among the narratives that matter.

As Hung accepted the award, he expressed sincere appreciation for the incredible crew who stood by the project through thick and thin. Their talent and unwavering support transformed ‘Detrimental’ from a humble endeavor into a piece of cinematic magic.

CAFF’s Grand Jury deserves immense commendation for providing a remarkable platform that empowers Asian creatives to unleash their captivating narratives. Their commitment to showcasing Asian representation on the Hollywood landscape serves as a wellspring of inspiration for all.

Film enthusiasts can now immerse themselves in the captivating world of ‘Detrimental’ as it becomes available for streaming in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asia territories.

Official Trailer:

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