The Girl In Yellow Is A Terrifying Indie Film About A Haunted Painting. It Stars Celeste Orozco And Is Directed By Azron Shai

THE GIRL IN YELLOW is a sinister, hair-raising thriller indie movie shot in a cinema verite found footage style of film-making similar to the movies The Blair Witch Project, REC and Paranormal Activity.

THE GIRL IN YELLOW is a sinister, hair-raising thriller indie movie shot in a cinema verite found footage style of film-making similar to the movies The Blair Witch Project, REC and Paranormal Activity.

The film footages were extracted from a laptop belonging to a college student named Aspen Wind who is portrayed by actress Celeste Orozco. The mind-bending videos were recovered by the Orange County Paranormal Investigators. As their investigation intensifies, strange episodes in and around the bedroom of Aspen Wind escalate rapidly, culminating finally in unimaginable atrocities.

At the site of the incident, the investigators also found an ancient portrait painting known as “ The Girl In Yellow”, which has a very dark history to its existence. Aspen’s laptop webcam captured many hours of disturbing video footages of her day to day life until the day she mysteriously disappeared. Aspen’s body was never found. The Paranormal Investigator’s also recovered some film footages of a college journalist reporter named Coraline Lardizabal who is portrayed by actress Alomai Addams.

This thriller movie brings a relentless amount of eeriness on the day to day life of Aspen Wind as she encounters a Paranormal entity whenever darkness falls. This Supernatural movie will take you on a rollercoaster ride and will put you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. What sets this indie thriller apart is that the movie is based on a true story about the painting of Davina Lardizabal, a young talented dancer who is portrayed by actress Daelyn Cerruti. The vicious painting has an evil past and is known to haunt people that it encounters.

Originally missing for almost 80 years, the painting mysteriously appears at an antique shop in California and was purchased for $400 by Aspen Wind. The bright looking portrait can become hazardous especially during nightfall. The film was written and directed by Azron Shai. This is his first feature film. The much anticipated movie release will be announced soon. The movie also features some talented cast which includes Tatiana Conejo, Marcus Baldwin, Tre Davies, Amy Ding, Marq Mendoza, Michelle Mish, Brianna Brock, Vincent Chin and Marajanai.  

Fans and followers can find the latest news and information on the upcoming movie release by following @thegirlinyellowfilm on their social media. The Girl In Yellow’s official movie trailer is now streaming online. Here is a sneak peek of the film.

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