France Channel Debuts on Amazon Prime Video

Introducing a French-Streaming Platform Unveiling a Diverse Array of Entertainment to Celebrate French Culture, Available in the U.S.
France Channel

France Channel, the subscription, on-demand streaming platform announces its availability on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is the largest streaming-content provider worldwide with movies, series, original content and subscriptions to services such as Paramount Plus, Max, Discovery+ and now, France Channel. The partnership allows an estimated 146 million members of Amazon Prime in the U.S. to discover France through the largest ever offering of French titles, a majority of which have never been available in the United States.

According to Duolingo‘s data as of February of 2023, there are currently 20 million users on the app learning French. This highlights the significant interest in learning French. Additionally, France has been identified as the most visited country in the world, as reported by Wisevoter, proving there is an appetite to learn about French culture. France Channel is dedicated to championing and celebrating the French lifestyle and history rooted in its culture, starting with providing a diverse range of entertainment content, including original series, films and documentaries with topics ranging from the Arts, travel, food and wine, and French language to fashion, children’s programming and more. The most popular shows on France Channel features daily series “Demain nous appartient,” (Tomorrow is Ours) drama series such as “Chefs,” and films like “Dr. Knock” among others. By providing English subtitles, France Channel contributes to spreading the appreciation for French culture by helping U.S. viewers embark on a journey to discover and foster a deeper admiration for the traditions and heritage of France.

France Channel was founded and developed by French businessman, entrepreneur and entertainment executive, Julien Verley. With a profound passion for French culture and a 20-year background in the media and television industry, Verley successfully brings the France Channel to America. Before establishing the France Channel, Verley previously held positions at Canal+ Channel as group chief financial officer, Canal+ Poland as chief executive officer, and France Television as chief executive officer in charge of commercial activities.

France Channel

“We are very proud to be distributed on Amazon Prime Video Channels as it allows us to bring French Culture to the U.S.,” said Julien Verley, chief executive officer and founder of France Channel. “Our assertion is that with the France Channel platform, many Americans will use it as an online discovery tool that serves as an alternative to physically traveling to France, but immersing oneself in the beauty of French Cinema and lifestyle.”

Starting at $7.99 per month, there are no obligations and the ability to cancel at any time. France Channel offers a complimentary seven-day free trial to discover their favorite French show. New content is added every week which viewers can watch anywhere from any streaming device. The channel caters to Francophiles, French speakers, French learners and American viewers who want to enjoy the best of France.

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