New indie horror ‘A Very Flattened Christmas’ looks to be the next cult classic in the making

For horror fans looking forward to a good scare this Christmas, there is an exciting locally made horror-comedy titled “A Very Flattened Christmas” on the way.

The holiday season brings joy, laughter and an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. It also brings a chance to watch some holiday themed movies, either heartwarming tales or scary stories. For horror fans looking forward to a good scare this Christmas, there is an exciting locally made horror-comedy titled “A Very Flattened Christmas” on the way.

Filmed in Wichita, Kansas, this upcoming movie blends laughs and frights into one holiday package. Producer being Key Tawn Toothman (The Forest Hills (2023)) with Different Day Pictures, it is their feature debut as a producer and production company.

The team is currently crowdfunding to raise $7,000 for post-production costs so they can release the film this Christmas 2024. Let’s take a deeper look into this unique holiday horror movie in the making!

About A Very Flattened Christmas

A Very Flattened Christmas is a holiday themed horror-comedy directed by Shane Wallace (Mount Hopeless (2016)) and shot by cinematographer Wynn Ponder (The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo (2014)). It was filmed in Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, using local actors and crew members. With a modest budget of $20,000, the team is able to create a fun and freaky holiday tale right in their own community.

“It was great to bring the cast back from the YouTube Flattened series and put them in a horror situation and see how they would react. We also had an amazing time just working with everyone again after so many years,“ shared Shane Wallace, the director of the film.

Key Tawn Toothman, the first time producer stated “It was a lot of hard work and sometimes agonizing long nights, but it seems to be really paying off now with all the positive feedback we are receiving”

Principal filming has been completed and now post-production is underway. The team aims to release A Very Flattened Christmas in time for the 2024 holiday season. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to cover critical post-production costs.

This will allow them to hire a sound designer, promote the film with press releases, submit it to film festivals and handle distribution. Supporters of the campaign will receive perks like digital downloads, merch, credits and more.

Plot and Characters

A Very Flattened Christmas follows the employees at a roadkill collection company whose Christmas party turns into a bloodbath when they are attacked by an evil killer reindeer intent on flattening them all.

One by one, the employees are gruesomely killed off as they try to figure out who among them is the homicidal reindeer in disguise. With plenty of splatter and dark humor, it’s a holiday whodunit with a scary twist!

Crowdfunding Campaign Details

The crowdfunding campaign for A Very Flattened Christmas aims to raise $7,000 to cover critical post-production costs including:

  • Sound Design and Audio Mixing ($1300) – For dialogue cleaning, sound effects, music and more to enhance the audio.
  • 3D Rendering ($1500) – To create a fictional “Dick Puncher Saves Christmas” movie poster seen in the film.
  • Press Releases ($1500) – To promote the film to horror blogs, websites and publications.
  • Film Festival Submissions ($500) – For entry fees to submit the film to various horror and holiday festivals.
  • Special Effects ($300) – For blood splatter, muzzle flashes and other visual effects.
  • Marketing and Distribution ($1700) – To get the word out about the film upon release.

Supporters will receive rewards like digital downloads, signed merch, special thanks and more. The campaign enables fans to directly help this passion project from Kansas filmmakers get completed and released for the 2024 holiday season.


With its ensemble cast, blend of laughs and scares and unique holiday horror premise, A Very Flattened Christmas aims to become a new cult favorite Christmas film. The crowdfunding campaign gives fans a chance to help this locally made movie get over the finish line in time for a 2024 release. Be sure to check out the trailer and consider supporting this fresh take on holiday horror!

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