Mercury Studios Announces New Documentary “One to One: John & Yoko”

Mercury Studios today announced its new feature documentary, “One to One: John & Yoko,” a moving look at the couple’s life upon their entry into a transformative 1970’s New York, exploring their musical, personal, artistic, social, and political world. Set in 1972 against the backdrop of a turbulent era in American history, the film was directed by Kevin Macdonald.

At the core of the story are the One to One Concerts, John Lennon’s only full-length performances after The Beatles, accompanied by Yoko Ono, The Plastic Ono Band, Elephant’s Memory and Special Guests. With remixed concert audio produced by Sean Ono Lennon, the film features newly transferred and restored footage, as well as a wealth of previously unseen and unheard personal archives, such as phone calls and home movies recorded and filmed by John and Yoko themselves.

A look inside two of history’s most influential and iconic artists, the film provides an intimate opportunity for viewers to travel inside the lives of John and Yoko and experience the decisions, passions, and challenges they faced during this time.

“I wanted to make a film that surprises and delights even the most dedicated Lennon and Ono fans by focusing on one transformative period in their lives and telling the tale through their own words, images and music,” said director Kevin Macdonald. “Built around the beautiful 16mm film footage of the only full-length concert John gave after leaving the Beatles I hope the film will introduce the audience to a more intimate version of John and Yoko – while also reflecting their politically radical and experimental sides.”

Sean Ono Lennon says, “Kevin’s documentary brings completely fresh insight into my parents’ lives during their Bank Street and early New York years, showing first hand their unwavering dedication to promoting peace and non-violence during a turbulent era of unrest, corruption and unnecessary war.”

Alice Webb, Mercury Studios CEO says “This film is ultimately a story of radical hope. It is an honest and intimate look at a pivotal year in John and Yoko’s lives – a melting pot of politics, youth culture, self-growth, and spine-tingling artistry. I’m honored to bring this story to fans everywhere with the impeccable Kevin Macdonald, Sean and Peter.”

Macdonald is no stranger to documentaries, directing multiple award-winning stories such as Oscar® winning “One Day in September,” BAFTA Best British Film “Touching the Void,” “Life in a Day,” BAFTA and Grammy®  nominated “Marley,” Grammy®  nominated “Whitney,” and “High and Low: John Galliano.” He also executive produced the award-winning documentaries “Senna” and “The Rescue.”

“It has been a remarkable privilege to be given access to the Lennon archives from the period,” said producer Peter Worsley. “Incorporating previously unheard recordings of private phone calls and home movies they made together, while setting the film inside a reconstruction of their apartment, brings us right into their world.” 

The film is produced by Peter Worsley, Alice Webb and Kevin Macdonald and executive produced by Steve Condie, David Joseph and Marc Robinson for Mercury Studios and by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner for Plan B/KM Films. Editor and Co-director Sam Rice-Edwards, Consulting Producer Simon Hilton, and Line Producer Melissa Morton Hicks served on the project.

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