iQIYI Gains Attention with Theatrical Releases and Socially Impactful Storytelling

iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, has gained significant attention and acclaim for its recent theatrical releases in China and overseas. These include crime films such as The Invisible Guest and Wolf Hiding, as well as the socially focused Trending Topic.
A still of “Trending Topic”

The Invisible Guest, presented by iQIYI PICTURES, has achieved 100 million RMB (approximately 14 million USD) box office gross in just four days, swiftly capturing moviegoers’ attention following its highly anticipated release. Directed by Zhuo CHEN and featuring a compelling cast including Greg HSU and Ning CHANG, the film grossed around 19 million RMB (approximately 2.6 million USD) on its opening day, consistently leading the charts in daily gross and market share for four consecutive days. Greg’s performance as the villain marks a significant shift from his previous roles, immersing audiences into a narrative that delves into societal divide and emotional depth, offering a thrilling cinematic experience.

A still of “The Invisible Guest”

As part of IQIYI’s end-of-year film lineup and another 100-million-RMB film, Wolf Hiding stands out as a gripping crime film, marking the highly anticipated directorial debut of actor Marc MA. Starring the renowned actor Nick CHEUNG, a Best Actor winner at multiple prestigious awards including the Hong Kong Film Awards, alongside highly acclaimed stars Ethan JUAN and Talu WANG, the film delves into the dark underworld of organized crime. At the recent 36th Golden Rooster Awards, director Ma emphasized the film’s unique style in the crime action genre, delivering adrenaline-fueled action and evoking intense emotions.

Furthermore, iQIYI’s commitment and dedication to creating a positive societal impact through its content offering is highlighted in its recent theatrical release, Trending Topic. Directed by Yukun XIN and starring Dongyu ZHOU, the Best Actress winner at multiple awards, including Hong Kong Film Awards and Asian Film Awards, the film has ignited widespread dialogue surrounding the pressing issue of cyberbullying and the pervasive toxicity within the darker corners of the digital age. With its overseas release, Trending Topic, acclaimed for its engaging storyline and powerful acting, challenges viewers to confront the harsh realities of cyberbullying.

“Rob & Roll” Film Poster

Looking ahead, iQIYI has an exciting lineup of upcoming films, including the action comedy Rob & Roll, starring three of China’s finest actors and Best Actor winners at global film awards: Aaron KWOK and Ka Tung LAM, who are the best actors of the Hong Kong Film Awards, and Richie JEN, who is the best actor of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. The film sets to premiere on January 19, 2024.

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