Liquid Media Announces Expansion Of Its Content Distribution Partnership with Insight TV

Business solutions company Liquid Media Group  (Liquid) announced this week a further expansion of the action-adventure sports content being distributed via its partnership with Insight TV (Insight). Insight reaches 400+ million households in 53 countries worldwide including 12 languages.

Liquid empowers independent producers and content creators from inception through monetization. Liquid’s blockchain framework, developed with Eluvio, enables independent producers and content creators to leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to reach new audiences, achieve lower-cost, decentralized distribution, sell merchandise and other special access experiences, and broadcast directly to global audiences on their own terms.

Founded six years ago in Amsterdam, Insight TV has grown to become the leading 4K-UHD millennial-focused global channel and content producer. Insight has linear channel distribution via key pay and connected TV (CTV) platforms and subscription video-on-demand reach through services and apps. These include iOS and tvOS, Roku (UK, US and CA), Android and Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV (US and UK).

Based in Amsterdam, Insight has offices in New York and Beijing.

Liquid CEO Ron Thomson spoke on behalf of the news “Our partnership with Insight has unlocked a significant global opportunity to expand the streaming footprint for select Liquid library content across an impressive worldwide distribution network”.

Thomson continued “With such compelling content chosen for distribution, we were excited but not at all surprised to see the analytics and SVOD revenue trending upward in the early months. By adding 50+ more captivating titles from our content library to Insight in the near term, we are aiming to further boost both reach and revenue for independent content creators and for Liquid.”

Since its founding, Insight TV has grown across four continents to deliver the organization’s world-leading 4K-UHD content to a growing number of linear platform partners in the US, Europe and Asia. This content has also grown to serve new branded environments in the US, and owned and partnered social media channels.

Chief Commercial Officer of Insight TV, Graeme Stanley mentioned how “We look forward to continuing our successful distribution partnership with the passionate team at Liquid, and we’re excited to see the additional 50+ titles resonate with our millennial and Gen-Z audiences”.

The action-adventure sports titles which have been selected for distribution under the new Insight partnership come from Slipstream, Liquid’s curated Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) service, as well as part of the company’s Projektor online content marketplace. Projector’s marketplace has a global reach of over 1 billion viewers.

Thomson added “We expect Liquid’s distribution reach and influence to continue growing at an accelerated rate.” He continued “This would inject even greater value into our four-stage solution engine, which independent creators are leveraging to drive towards full monetization of their productions.”

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