projektor, A New Filmmaker-First Global Platform, launched by Liquid Media group

Projektor, a new filmmaker-first marketplace for creators, distributors, content and catalog holders globally was recently launched by Liquid Media Group.

Projektor, a new filmmaker-first marketplace for creators, distributors, content and catalog holders globally was recently launched by Liquid Media Group. This new platform will offer industry-leading revenue sharing and data transparency for producers, distributors, and content owners.

Projektor is Liquid Media Group’s content marketplace for independent filmmakers. The new Business-to-Business marketplace offers an array of monetization and distribution opportunities that are designed to give equal access to critical infrastructure and deliver independence to independents.

Further, Projektor will launch with aggregation and distribution partnerships that hold a combined reach of over one billion households worldwide. These partnerships include Insight TV and dotstudioPRO, among other leading channels, and will allow Projektor to connect independent producers to audiences across the lifecycle of their work, from premiere through release, re-release and into repromotes and revivals.

“Projektor’s mission is to serve the ‘now and next’ needs, aka the current and future, of the industry,” said Liquid Chairman, Joshua Jackson. “Independent filmmakers globally need better terms, higher transparency and more options when it comes to distributing their content to compete as equals in both streaming and alternative distribution. In the near future, we will expand Projektor into the unique greenfield space of project financing utilizing blockchain, too.”

Projektor offers filmmakers one of the highest industry benefits: an 85% filmmaker revenue share for monetization. This offer holds a stark difference to what is usually offered in revenue, which is an average of only 35% across other platforms. Additionally, Projektor is more transparent than other platforms in offering a full analytics toolset to track customer engagement and behavior.

Projektor will be launching with libraries from Reelhouse and Slipstream, including a curated collection from the library of Ananda Media, an international distributor with hundreds of titles on Projektor. Beyond the astounding selection that will be offered, Projektor LIVE, a new live product feature, will also allow festivals and new releases to promote premium virtual events with live filmmaker Q&As.

“Projektor is, above all, more user-friendly than other platforms. It is beyond simple to set up our catalog in order to offer content to new audiences with a strong filmmaker perspective,” said Pascoe de Glanville, CEO of Ananda Media. 

With a network of global partners, including dotstudioPRO and Insight TV, Projektor’s aggregation tool empowers filmmakers and independent content owners and producers to access 25+ OTT (over-the-top) channels and earn AVOD revenue in addition to the TVOD offering by Projektor. Offering both advertising-based and transactional revenue ensures that independent producers will be financially compensated for their use of the platform.

Breaking down Projektor’s flexible revenue model shows that it features an 85/15% split (filmmaker/platform) on TVOD transactions,  70/30% on LIVE services, and a 50/50% for revenue generated through OTT (Over-The-Top) partnership opportunities. These splits demonstrate that Projektor is truly a platform designed to enhance the success of the independent filmmakers above all else.

Though soft launched in March, Projektor is now live with over 250,000+ users and a curated selection of 400 films with further releases from Projektor’s library of 3,000+ titles to drop over the coming months.

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