iQIYI Releases New Titles for the Summer, Showing Its Continued Strength in Developing Premium Original Content

iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, recently announced the debut of several new drama series, films, and variety shows for the summer of 2022. As the first batch of shows released from the 213 new releases announced on May 20, the new titles are closely aligned with the latest viewing trends and demonstrate iQIYI’s continuous success in producing premium original content.

New content that entertains and inspires viewers

The latest summer releases span across many themes, meeting diverse viewer preferences and further enriching iQIYI’s already expansive content library. The wide selection of content includes drama series, such as Dr. TangThe Heart Of Genius, and The Lord Of Losers released under iQIYI’s LAUGH ON Theater, as well as Love The Way You Are released under iQIYI’s SWEET ON Theater; variety shows such as The Detectives’ Adventures Season 2 and The Rap of China 2022; and the animation Deer Squad Season 2 as well as the film Face’s Verb

By drawing on the everyday experiences and stories of the general public and the latest social trends, iQIYI produces original content that strongly resonate with a wide range of viewers. For instance, the titles released on May 20 featured several works that chronicle the experience of modern women in different stages of life. My Way portrays the challenges faced by four young mothers, while My Later Half Of Life documents the stories of middle-aged women seeking a balance among their marriage, career, and need for self-actualization.

“Our goal is to present innovative storytelling on matters that are close to our viewers’ heart, to make them feel seen and understood,” said WANG Xiaohui, President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI.

The new releases also showcase the success of iQIYI’s studio-based production model, offering titles under different themes. From the suspense-themed LIGHT ON Theater, the romance-themed SWEET ON Theater, to the comedy-themed LAUGH ON Theater, iQIYI gains and retains users through delivering well-curated and thoughtful content that resonates across different user groups.

JIANG Bin, Vice President of iQIYI, further shared that thanks to the studio model, iQIYI is able to capture the latest cultural trends and offer rich variety of content. “Content production at iQIYI is built upon our studio model. With each studio having its particular focus and driving brand influence, it helps iQIYI improve operational efficiency and develop contents that cover a wide range of genres.”

Curating opportunities for multi-channel viewer interaction

By leveraging market insights and technology, iQIYI continues to develop new ways to facilitate meaningful viewer interaction on- and offline. In the newly released The Lord of Losers, iQIYI’s Interactive Video Guideline (IVG) allows users to personalize plot-setting. The latest development in technology-enabled user interaction came at the heel of the “Chat Together” feature, which enables users to partake in a joined viewing experience by sharing invitation links.

With outdoor activities rising in popularity in China, iQIYI will also curate an online-offline entertainment experience by hosting a multi-theme outdoor film watching event, which features unique scenes from iQIYI’s well-loved contents, allowing viewers to interact offline with the IPs they enjoy.  

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