New series from Portugal and France are set to debut on MHz Choice this March

New French crime series The Traveller (Newen) stars former Manchester United star and English Football Hall of Famer Eric Cantona, who plays the title role of retired police captain Thomas Bareski in the first four episodes.
Eric Cantona in “The Traveller” on MHz Choice

New French crime series The Traveller (Newen) stars former Manchester United star and English Football Hall of Famer Eric Cantona, who plays the title role of retired police captain Thomas Bareski in the first four episodes. Thomas is on a personal mission to solve cases either too vexing for the local authorities or ones that have long gone cold. He criss-crosses France in his van, which he both lives out of and looks like he lives out of, to fulfill his mission. His scruffy appearances are often juxtaposed with a clean and well-dressed local detective. The local police don’t always welcome him with open arms – it is their turf after all – but Bareski is undeterred. His undeniable knack for picking up a suspect’s trail eventually leads the way. Bareski doesn’t exactly present as a knight in shining armor with his cold-as-ice approach, but he often brings a surprising comfort for families who have run out of places to turn for leads.

Portuguese political thriller Hidden Theories (Videoplugger) rounds out the new series on MHz Choice this March. Nominated for the Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards, Hidden Theories takes viewers on a scandal-ridden and reckless joyride through the criminal underworld seemingly operating at the highest levels of society. Maria Armado is an investigative journalist who finds herself in an unlikely partnership with policeman Jose Madeira as they follow corruption through financial institutions and the highest levels of politics. The investigation becomes increasingly dangerous and personal for Maria as she gets closer to the truth.

March also brings the third seasons of two popular crime series: French crime drama Alice Nevers (Mediawan) returns with Alice (Marine Delterme) facing fresh murders and a new family life, and German crime drama Money Murder Zurich (Beta Films) with the brilliant attorney Thomas Borchert (Christian Kohlund) helping those accused of murder.

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Maria Amado is an investigative journalist at the peak of her career, but is facing increasingly darker forces against her work. While pursuing a series of political and financial scandals, the repercussions for Maria are both professional and personal.


A mainstay of French TV characters, Alice Nevers is an admired and effective criminal prosecutor. She has both a professional and personal partnership with police captain Fred Marquand as they investigate crimes in Paris that often shed light on the larger societal issues of the day.


Retired hotshot police detective Thomas Bareski travels the French countryside helping bereaved families obtain justice.


In this popular crime drama from Germany, Thomas Corchert is a disgraced lawyer who returns to his native Zurich to work as an unlicensed defender.

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