EVRGRN Accelerates its FAST-channel Growth by Partnering with Wurl


EVRGRN, the Seattle-based entertainment channel dedicated to original storytelling started by Emmy-award winning actor Tom Skerrit, announced on Monday that it has selected Wurl’s streaming distribution and monetization service to help accelerate the channel’s growth. 

EVRGRN was founded in 2019 to bring attention to artists and content creators who hail from and live in the Pacific Northwest. With hundreds of hours of programming available and content curated from both independent and studio-backed creators, Tom and his team have created a new home for the entertainment in the streaming TV ecosystem. 

“Wurl’s partnership with EVRGRN represents a major milestone in the growth of our channel and voice,” said Tom. “By leveraging their channel building tools, wide reach for distribution, and monetization support, we felt that Wurl provided EVRGRN with the tools and resources we need to help take our artists to the next level.”

Tom continued, “EVRGRN serves as a home for stories from our Pacific Northwest creators and storytellers.  We hope to inspire audiences and connect them with the beautiful stories surrounding and talent from the Pacific Northwest.”

After a storied career in film and television, Tom Skerritt is a true Hollywood legend. His work in films like MASH, Alien, Up In Smoke, Top Gun, Space Camp, The Rookie, Contact, Steel Magnolias, A River Runs Through It, Picket Fences, and East Of The Mountains speaks to the passion he brings to every project, including EVRGRN. 

EVRGRN can currently be found on platforms such as STIRR, LocalNow, TCL, Glewed TV, Freecast, TikiLive, and EVOCA. 

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