REVIEW – ‘Holy Irresistible’ Directed by Pamela Corkey

Directed  by Pamela Corkey, Holy Irresistable is an upcoming comedy drama feature that stars Ian Gregg, Leah Merritt and Tyler Graham. Billed as a romantic comedy, the film is soon to be released on Amazon Prime.

Directed  by Pamela Corkey, Holy Irresistable is an upcoming comedy drama feature that stars Ian Gregg, Leah Merritt and Tyler Graham. Billed as a romantic comedy, the film is soon to be released on Amazon Prime.

Holy Irresistable centres around a dude named Ivy whose parents died in a car crash when he was a kid, making him very irreligious. Since Ivy lives in an overwhelmingly Christian town, his only purpose is caring for his terminally ill, pot-smoking Aunt who also shares the same beliefs Ivy does. But fate will intervene when a new preacher comes to town and Ivy falls for his daughter, Sadie. Hoping to court Sadie at all costs,  he can’t help but convince her he has been a devout Christian. This is obviously a lie but Ivy has an anarchist friend who agrees to coach Ivy how to pose as a Christian, with the agreement Ivy will provide insider information on the Church’s fund-raising. As Ivy’s lie helps him grow closer to Sadie, it inadvertently plants a seed of optimism. Will he be exposed or will he find his way to God once more?

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Holy Irresistable is not a faith based in the traditional sense of the world. Yes, there are faith related elements in the film but this is a fairly tame film by religious standards. Regardless, Corkey infuses the film with enough stakes and drama to make it great. The story works on multiple levels, and what results is a story that takes its main character on an odyssey of self transformation.

The acting by the main cast is fantastic and everyone manages to do a stellar job. The star of the show is Ian Gregg as Ivy whose nuanced performance sells the entire film. Ivy initially hides a malice in his heart for all things spiritual but falling in love with the preacher’s daughter will set him on a path that might change his outlook entirely.

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Equally impressive is Sadie as Ivy’s love interest; Leah Merritt manages to infuse the character with so much charm and love that Ivy’s charade begins to hurt us, the audience, as well. Enter Ivy’s friend to teach him the ropes about Christianity; The cast does a terrific job with what they are given and they manage to elevate the script by their nuanced and measured performances.

Pamela Corkey directs the film from the perspective of a quirky yet laid back comedy that takes its characters on an interesting journey. The story develops organically and as Ivy initiates his scheme, several curveballs will come his way. The possibility of him dodging these will depend on far he is willing to go and Corkey manages to box the protagonist into some interesting corners. The script is hearty; characters feel genuine and there are real stakes involved. All in all, every aspect of the film works as it is supposed to.

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In its technical aspects, the film manages to impress. The cinematography is lively and colourful and aids the peppy nature of the story really well. The film plays around with some dimly lit scenes as well and visually, it all comes together in the end. The camera work is top notch and captures the chaotic nature of the story really well. Equally impressive is the sound design that amps up the dramatic scenes as well as those lighthearted ones.

Thus, Holy Irresistable manages to make its mark. The film is different, funny and witty and takes the audience on a journey where the protagonist has to really combat his deep rooted insecurities if he is to genuinely fall in love. We all know that our Creator is up there and while Holy Irresistable has a different way of making this point, we can safely say that the film is earnest.

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