Review – (Corona) Viral Monologues

A poignant and hilarious tour of the new pandemic normal, the (Corona) Viral Monologues brings together the stories of the Viral Monologues – an episodic play written by the actors at Chubbuck Studio – linking all of our worlds in the stages of grieving, regardless of if you are trying to stop of spread… or the steal.

Intended as a project of catharsis and emotional survival, the (Corona) Viral Monologues is a 50 minutes film from director Claire Chubbuck. Made up of monologues from more than a dozen artists in which they talk about how the pandemic upended their lives, the film is intended as an expression of sharing pain, a pain brought on by the pandemic that continues to this day.

“This project is about catharsis and emotional survival – using art to let others know they are not alone. ‘(Corona) Viral Monologues’ is a collaboration with actors and storytellers that have a commonality of pain – the pandemic.”

Claire Chubbuck, director
© Corona Viral Monologues – 2021

The staging of Chubbuck’s documentary is great. Participants seem to have a complete freedom as to how to record their thoughts and reactions. Rather than following a standard documentary format that cuts back and forth between multiple interviewees, this different approach works well.

“Each element of the mise en scene is crafted by an artist telling their story in their chosen medium adding their layer of experience on their personal journey.”

Claire Chubbuck, director

Not only the artists seem more comfortable in baring their souls, but the whole experiment has an aura of authenticity around it, which makes the monologues much more impactful as well.

It is clear that the virus was extremely damaging to those associated with the arts and in some cases, the industry was hit harder than many other segments of the economy. As the artists share their experiences of living with the constant threat of death coupled with the looming financial crisis, the extremely damaging impact of the pandemic is made that much more clearer.

Moving and inspiring, the (Corona) Viral Monologues are essential viewing for anyone looking to gain an insight into how the virus affected the people associated with the entertainment industry.

© Corona Viral Monologues – 2021

The coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown delivered a significant emotional, psychological and ecological trauma to the entire world. Claire Chubbuck’s documentary does a good job of explaining the impact and trauma of the virus on actors and how these artists coped when the world came to a virtual standstill.

Moving and inspiring, the (Corona) Viral Monologues are essential viewing for anyone looking to gain an insight into how the virus affected the people associated with the entertainment industry.

Ivana ChubbuckNamdar KashanianSeth YaitanesLawrence ArthurClaire Chubbuck, and Gloria Mamurov at an event for Corona Viral Monologues (2021)
About the director Claire Chubbuck

Claire Chubbuck is an emerging female director that creates mission driven content that creates catharsis for those working on it. She works with actors to use the traumatic events in their lives in order to make art – as a director, and a teacher. She teaches the Chubbuck Technique at Ivana Chubbuck Studio – using her students to create.

Most recently, Claire has been winning awards with her directorial debut, ‘how I lost my virginity’ – a short film detailing her best friend’s real-life experience intended to provide catharsis while taking a look at the systematic problem that allow for the victims of sexual assault to far outweigh the perpetrators.

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