‘Miracle On Shelby Street’ Set To Film Nashville

As 2023 comes to a close the filmmakers at Bright Morning Star Films, Paradestormer Productions and Silver Screen Indie are now gearing up for 2024.
(Ciara Hanna, Vincent M. Ward, Aaron Mees)

As 2023 comes to a close the filmmakers at Bright Morning Star Films, Paradestormer Productions and Silver Screen Indie are now gearing up for 2024. We caught up with the filmmakers as they are getting ready to embark on their 3rd film working together as producers. The newest film ‘Miracle On Shelby Street’ is set to start filming January 20th in Nashville TN. The film will kick off shortly after their red carpet premiere of ‘The Last Chapter’ the most recent film produced by the triad companies. ‘The Last Chapter’ featured power house actors Eric Roberts (Child Of Love, The Dark Knight, Babylon), Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Mega Force, The Stars Fell In Alabama), Kyle Smithson (Muzzle, No Vacancy) and Vincent M. Ward (The Walking Dead, Devilreaux). 

The B twins Johnny Reeves (Child Of Love, Domme) and Weiss Night (The Last Chapter, Sherwood) will be taking the lead again on the production acting as the Directors and DP’s of the upcoming film. The B twins are in fact identical twin filmmakers. This will be the 9th film the B twin’s worked side by side to Direct and DP since 2017. Weiss will put his focus on the camera side while Johnny will be working with actors.  

“We have both been training since 2007 to work in various department from camera, gaffer, grip, cinematographer, to sound, all the way through post production” Night states. “We pride ourselves as indie filmmakers we’ve done our fair share of various crew roles so it nice to just be able to do the roles we love to do such as direct or paint the scenes with lights as cinematographers” Reeves. The last 2 films they also produced working along side the producers of Bright Morning Star Films.  

The upcoming film ‘Miracle On Shelby Street’ is set to star Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Mega Force, The Last Chapter, Stars Fell In Alabama) portraying Judy Charest. Aaron Mees 

(Hometown Remedy, All Is Calm, An Unlikely Angel) takes on the role of Michael Charest. And Vincent M Ward (The Walking Dead, Devilreaux, The Last Chapter) is set to play Officer Denato a mysterious character who enters Judy’s life.

(April Fisher, KeShawn Lee Kinslow, Shelia Anne Smith)

‘Miracle On Shelby Street’ is inspired by the true life story of Judy Charest as told by her husband Michael Charest. The story starts with Judy’s miraculous rescue from a jump on the Shelby Street Bridge on Christmas Eve in 1956. Judy then just a baby only 3 months old not only survived the fall over 50 feet into the Cumberland river but also endured the freezing cold waters as rescuers rushed into the save her and her mother. The real heroes at the start of the story is Jack Knox and Harold Hogue. Harold who received the hero award in Nashville decades later. Jack Knox will be played by Manning Maxwell (Love Kills, The Last Chapter, Moral Compass).  

As decades pasted Judy encountered many of the Nashville elite from Johnny Cash and the Cash family, to Ray Charles, and Waylon Jennings to name a few. The film will be filled with it own share of drama, love and the filmmakers even added a spin to the story with a classic faith base tie in. Reeves states “think of this film as ‘Forrest Gump’ the protagonist telling the story through adventures of her life journey, while throwing in a twist of ‘Its A Wonderful’ to add a touch of showing how small acts of kindness add up and that everyone’s life has so much meaning”. 

(Maryna Biletska, Manning Maxwell, Payten Fisher, Eric Adsit)

The filmmakers will be doing a few period style pieces in the 50’s and 70’s. As Night says “We will be using era dated glass to get the looks and feel of the time’s of the 50’s and 70’s while moving to modern day glass when we breaking into the 2000’s and beyond”. Its great to see younger filmmakers using tactics like thinking of era dated lens as the glass affects the look of the film that even color grading can’t really take away.  

Beyond the recognizable talent coming aboard other talent that has been announced to take on roles in this bio picture are KeShawn Lee Kinslow (Child Of Love, Trap City, Anybody) will take on the role of BB King, April Fisher (The Last Chapter) will portray Marguerite Judy’s Mother, Payten Fisher has signed on to portray teenage Judy, other cast joining the roster are Maryna Biletska (Trap City 2, Fog), Carter Nelms (Shadows), Eric Adsit (The Last Chapter, Surviving The Cut), and Shelia Ann Smith (The Last Chapter, Spirit’s Revenge). 

Producing the film will be a joint venture of Bright Morning Star Films, Paradestormer Productions, Silver Screen Indie and Michael Charest Films Limited. The producers Joan Uselman (Child Of Love, Sherwood), Jack Hager (Child Of Love, The Last Chapter), Michael Giancana (The Last Chapter, Domme), Nick Monroe (Making It In Music City, Domme, Child Of Love). Executive Producing the film is Michael Charest.  

Ciara Hanna is represented by Established Artist (Tabatha Minchew) Aaron Mees is represented by Treasure Coast Talent (Jean Wenger).

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