Just Do Good Entertainment: Just producing plain ole good entertainment

A content creation company that does exactly what the title says. Just producing plain ole good entertainment, while at the same time, doing good for others. Simple.

Just as the Russian attacks on Ukraine broke out in March of 2022, producers Monty Hobbs and Valerie Smaldone were getting ready to shoot a film about following signs that are mystically presented, the power of kindness and the principal of paying it forward. That film was The Thursday Night Club, written by inspirational novelist Steven Manchester, and featured music icon Gloria Gaynor in her film acting debut.

The movie garnered numerous honors including the Los Angeles and New York International Film Awards, and even subtly included the notion of registering for bone marrow donation, due to a story line in the film. The producers partnered with the not for profit Be the Match to further promote the cause.

Upon wrapping The Thursday Night Club, they felt that the values put forth by the film needed more exploration. Filming a movie about kindness against the backdrop of a horrific war was a very stunning experience for the producers.

Together with co-producer Matthieu Chazareix, Hobbs and Smaldone went on to create Divine Renovation, the Series, securing tv icon Erik Estrada to host the show. The pilot season, shot in Wilmington, N.C., identified individuals and families in need of home enhancements that would truly make a difference in their lives. They went to the community enticing businesses, not for profits and houses of worship to help make these enhancements happen. Given the overwhelming outpouring of support, they realized they were on to something and procured funding to continue.

The second season of Divine Renovation, shot in Northwestern Connecticut, has just completed postproduction with a premiere slated for June 20, 2024, at the art deco gem, The Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT. In keeping with their mission of giving back, a portion of ticket sales will be donated to the Warner Theatre. Erik Estrada will return to the area for an appearance and on-stage chat. The town is throwing an old-fashioned street fair and festival to celebrate the premiere of the series filmed in the area.

Reflecting on all the work the two had done to help others as part of the fabric of the series, Hobbs and Smaldone responded by forming Just Do GOOD Entertainment, a content creation company that not only entertains, but also inspires and enacts change by doing good.

With Just Do GOOD Entertainment (JDG), Hobbs and Smaldone are creating projects focusing on disability advocacy, veterans, law enforcement, core values of kindness and an aging population. As brands seek exposure in shows that can initiate a positive outcome, Hobbs and Smaldone have procured partnerships with several national brands including 101 Mobility, a company that provides adaptive equipment for the disabled, with franchises around the nation.

In addition to producing “Casanova Remodeling Presents: Divine Renovation-A Red Carpet Premiere” in June, JDG is publishing a children’s book featuring the friendship between a police officer and a father with Multiple Sclerosis who displays an indomitable spirit of gratitude and the desire to help others, despite his personal trials. The book serves to educate young readers about what it means to be challenged, and how offering a helping hand can change lives. Written by Erik Estrada and best-selling author Steven Manchester, a portion of proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to various MS charities. The book will launch this Fall.

As producers of content that can also make a difference, acting upon what they firmly believe in, through Just Do GOOD Entertainment, Hobbs and Smaldone want to put forth the notion that despite living in a chaotic and divided society, “people still really do care.”


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