A new award-winning VR experience presented every month on Tempe campus.

Wonderspaces, presenters of experiential art in Scottsdale since April 2019, are partnering with Arizona State University’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) to launch a monthly Virtual Reality (VR) Film Series featuring a new celebrated VR film every month for one weekend only on the ASU Campus. The series begins Oct. 29 with the haunting VR film “Gloomy Eyes” by Fernando Maldonaldo and Jorge Tereso.

“Every year, artists create extraordinary VR films that reach only the people who can afford to spend hundreds on VR hardware or who have the opportunity to travel to film festivals,” said Jason Shin, Wonderspaces’ president. “We’re excited to partner with ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering to bring those films to the ASU campus, broadening the reach of today’s VR art and hopefully encouraging the next generation of VR storytellers.”

Steven Tepper, dean and director of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, said, ‘We are excited to host these VR films– examples of the powerful ways in which immersive storytelling can drive new experiences and connection. Immersive storytelling and worldbuilding will be among the fastest growing sectors of the creative economy. This series will give our students exposure to what is possible.”

Pavan Turaga, the director of the School of Arts, Media and Engineering, said, “We identify ‘technofluency’ as our mission — skill development in contemporary technical tools for media content creation. The VR film series from Wonderspaces is an ideal example showcasing technofluency, which will not only motivate our students, but also enable future career paths. We are proud to partner with Wonderspaces.”

Tickets for the first six films and experiences will be on sale starting Oct. 19 at https://arizona.wonderspaces.com/tickets and more information is available at https://arizona.wonderspaces.com/vr-film-series-at-asu. Tickets are $16 for adults and $12 for children under 13, $10 for all ASU students with ID, and $10 for Wonderspaces members. Each visit runs for approximately 50 minutes, and showtimes start on the hour from noon to 7 p.m. during exhibition weekends.


Dates past April 2023 to be announced in January

Oct. 29-30, 2022                     Gloomy Eyes by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso
Nov. 12-13, 2022                     Paper Birds by 3DAR
Dec. 10-11, 2022                     Madrid Noir by James Castillo
Jan. 21-22, 2023                     Battlescar by Martin Allais and Nico Cassavechia
Feb. 18-19, 2023                     Traveling While Black by Roger Ross Williams
Mar. 18-19, 2023                     Ayahuasca by Jan Kounen, Shigeto: Hovering by Conor
                                                Grebel / Dinner Party by Laura Wexler and Charlotte Stoudt
Apr. 15-16, 2023                     Spheres by Eliza McNitt

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