The Book/Movie Dirty Millions the Clean Way

Author of the newest how-to book argues there’s plenty of money, Business, and work to go around using his easy, time-tested methods Of creating a job or a small self-starting business from scratch.

Once upon a time, author Kirk Tillery was an undereducated, low hourly wage-earning janitor. Today, he owns his own successful business and has created employment for himself and others.  In This Book/Movie Make Dirty Millions the Clean Way, Tillery offers what he learned on his journey to help others – particularly those who are underemployed or who want to start and run their own small business and learn to make some real money, maybe even millions, by creating a successful small business or just one or more good jobs from scratch.

“The inflated economy is in pretty bad shape,” says Tillery. “I’d like to see us work harder and smarter to adjust inflation and low wage rates. Let’s put people back to work in high-paying jobs and easy to learn business ventures that most of us would overlook, if not for this book.     

Make Dirty Millions the Clean Way & The Movie,  provides the skills, business knowledge, and inspiration people need today to take action that, in turn, will help them acquire some of the world’s richest for themselves.  Designed to put people in business or create high paying jobs for themselves & others, either from home or out in the business world, and its step-by-step agenda will get them started and have their business up and running fast with little to no out of pocket cost. The book/movie will also show readers how not to be afraid as they learn they already have the start-up resources they need at their disposal.


As A Group Of Uneducated Poor Janitors, Our Utmost Urgent Project Is To Help End The Overwhelming Amount Of Poverty That Is Located In Most Impoverished Janitorial Communities, Here And Around The World…

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