“Shrek 2” Returns to Theaters for ITS 20th Anniversary

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation today announced the U.S. theatrical re-release of the Academy Award®-nominated comedy, Shrek 2, in celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary. The animated classic, directed by Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon, will return to theaters nationwide on April 12, 2024.

Upon its original release in May 2004, Shrek 2 shattered box office records, becoming the highest-grossing U.S. opening weekend for an animated film of all time. To date, the film has earned a staggering $928 million worldwide. Its release solidified the Shrek franchise as a cultural phenomenon and one of the most beloved film series in animation history. Now, two decades later, audiences will have the chance to revisit the adventures and experience the joy of Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona’s adventures all over again.

Tickets for the re-release of Shrek 2 will be available for purchase starting March 8th on Fandango and through theater ticketing sites nationwide. Additionally, audiences can catch the new re-release trailer in theaters beginning March 8th.

“The Shrek franchise has become a cultural touchstone and has brought joy to audiences around the world for more than two decades,” said Jim Orr, president of domestic theatrical distribution for Universal Pictures. “Its impact on popular culture has been profound, transcending generations, and it continues to resonate with viewers long after its initial release. So, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shrek 2, we’re excited to bring this iconic film back to the big screen.”

“The enduring popularity of Shrek 2 and the Shrek franchise is a testament to its universal appeal and timeless storytelling,” said Margie Cohn, president of DreamWorks Animation. “We are thrilled to partner with Universal in celebrating this milestone anniversary by inviting audiences to rediscover their love for Shrek and the fantastical world of Far Far Away.”

Following the unprecedented success of Shrek and Shrek 2, DreamWorks Animation continued to expand the Shrek universe with several sequels and spin-offs, including Shrek the Third (2007), Shrek Forever After (2010), Oscar®-nominated Puss in Boots (2011) and Oscar®-nominated Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022). Each installment further cemented the franchise’s status as an enduring cultural phenomenon and catapulted it to become the second-highest-grossing animated franchise of all time.

In addition to its commercial triumphs, Shrek 2 garnered critical acclaim, earning Academy Award® nominations for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song. 

Featuring the stellar voice cast of Mike Myers, Academy Award® nominee Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Academy Award® winner Julie Andrews, Academy Award® nominee John Cleese, Academy Award® nominee Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett and Jennifer Saunders, among others, the re-release of Shrek 2 invites audiences to rediscover the magic of the Shrek universe on the big screen.

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