Marriage Bites: A Vampire Horror Comedy That Redefines the Genre

Marriage Bites is a one-of-a-kind film that seamlessly combines elements of horror, comedy, and social media theories.

Marriage Bites is a one-of-a-kind film that seamlessly combines elements of horror, comedy, and social media theories. In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to delve into the mind of the mastermind behind this captivating project. We explored the concept behind the film, the casting process, filming locations, special effects, and more.

Directed by Alex M. Gibson, known for his previous works such as “Silence: A Love Story” and “Summoning Frank,” Marriage Bites promises to be another masterpiece in his repertoire.

The star-studded cast includes Ashley Hargrove, who not only plays the role of Linda but also serves as the writer of this extraordinary film. Hargrove is known for her performances in “Nashville,” “Fairwood,” and “Unnerving.” Joe Komara takes on the role of Martin, bringing his talent from films like “Falling for the Competition,” “A Perfect Christmas Pairing,” and “A View to Kill For.” Nicole Butler portrays Mary, showcasing her skills from “Skate to Hell,” “Bar Rescue,” and “Reloaded 2.” Shawn C. Phillips, known for his roles in “Haunted High,” “Ghost Shark,” and “Dead Ant,” plays the role of Tate.

Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, recognized for his work in WB’s “Chad,” FX’s “American Horror Story,” and the upcoming STARZ series “Hunting Wives,” brings Cory to life. Daniel Emery Taylor, known for “The Return of Swamp Thing,” “Road Trip,” and “It’s Just a Game,” portrays Arnold. Wynn Reichert, acclaimed for his performances in “Masterminds,” “The Inspection,” and “Secretariat,” takes on the role of Mr. Relic. Darren Ewing, known for “Troll 2,” “H8RZ,” and “Cyst,” plays Milton. Angela Russell Moore, Krishna Sistla Ward, J Spenser, Ava Connolly, Lena Sledge, Paul Bradford, Joseph Bodkin, and Jason Thomas round out the talented cast, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to their respective roles.

The concept behind Marriage Bites was inspired by the filmmaker’s desire to explore the horror comedy genre. After completing a previous horror comedy project, the filmmaker wanted to delve into another comedic horror endeavor. The idea to create a character based on a friend’s portrayal of a vampire sparked the development of the lead character, Martin. The filmmaker recognized Joe Komara’s talent and knew he would bring Martin to life with his acting prowess.

Marriage Bites follows Martin, a suburban husband trapped in a monotonous routine, as he undergoes a transformation into a vampire, turning his life upside down. This transformation also affects his wife, Linda, who struggles to adapt to the changes. Through this journey, Martin rediscovers himself and realizes the importance of his family. The film explores the dynamics of a stagnant marriage and the unexpected challenges the couple faces, delivering the message that love and support can conquer any obstacle.

What sets Marriage Bites apart is its incorporation of social media theories, adding a unique twist to the vampire narrative. By exploring the consequences of blindly following fake social media theories, the characters navigate through funny and sometimes dangerous situations, serving as a reminder to viewers to exercise caution and not trust everything they see on social media.

The casting process for Marriage Bites involved a combination of actors the filmmaker had previously worked with and recommendations from others. Joe Komara, who had collaborated with the filmmaker before, served as the inspiration for the lead character, Martin. Other actors were chosen based on their talent and suitability for the roles. The filmmaker emphasized the significance of networking and collaboration with other filmmakers, as they bring fresh perspectives and enhance the project.

Filming will take place at various locations, including Studio Huntsville and Thunderdome Studios. These locations provided the perfect backdrop for office scenes, morgue and cemetery sets, and arcade scenes. Each location added depth and humor to the story, contributing to the overall tone and genre of the film.

Marriage Bites features impressive special effects and stunts that bring excitement and creativity to the screen. Creative death scenes, fangs, and mirrors are incorporated into the film, thanks to the expertise of the special effects team, led by SFX artist Tara Merryman, and stunt performer Justin Harvey.

The filmmaker describes Marriage Bites as primarily a comedic horror film, with dark moments and gruesome deaths intertwined. Comparable to movies like “Dale and Tucker VS Evil,” “Cooties,” and “Shaun of the Dead,” Marriage Bites effectively combines comedy, horror, and heartfelt moments.

The decision to combine horror and comedy in the film “Marriage Bites” was driven by the filmmaker’s desire to create an entertaining and enjoyable movie. By incorporating elements of both genres, the film offers a distinct and pleasurable viewing experience.

During the interview, the filmmaker emphasized the significance of networking and collaborating with other filmmakers. This collaboration not only enhances the film’s quality but also provides opportunities for new locations, talent, and resources. The filmmaker expressed gratitude for the talented individuals, such as makeup artist Jennifer Gibson, script supervisor Caitlin Kline, and composer Tony Jenkins, who contributed to the project.

When asked about memorable moments from the filming of “Marriage Bites,” the filmmaker shared anecdotes from a photoshoot and a skit that introduced some of the characters. These experiences were filled with laughter and demonstrated the camaraderie among the cast and crew. The filmmaker also expressed excitement for future projects related to “Marriage Bites,” hinting at the potential for a sequel.

The filmmaker hopes that audiences will have a fun and enjoyable experience while watching “Marriage Bites.” Additionally, the film conveys important messages about trust, love, and embracing change in life.

To support the production of “Marriage Bites,” the filmmaker has launched an Indiegogo campaign. By sharing the campaign and contributing, individuals can help bring the film to life and enable the inclusion of impressive special effects. The campaign offers various perks and opportunities for engagement, including behind-the-scenes footage and live streams with the cast and crew.

In conclusion, “Marriage Bites” stands out among other vampire-themed films due to its unique storytelling, incorporation of social media theories, and the fusion of horror and comedy. The film provides a fresh perspective on vampires, breaking away from typical stereotypes while delivering creative deaths and humorous moments. With its talented cast, captivating storyline, and innovative approach, “Marriage Bites” promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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Synopsis: When Patsy Lee discovers an ancient relic box, she has no idea that it will transport her, her grandfather (Hong), and her friends into a mystical world of vampires, goblin witches, talking turtles, and an evil sorceress (Bai Ling) who will stop at nothing to get the box. Their only chance of returning home is to stop the sorceress before she finds the key to the 5 Kingdoms and destroys the entire world.

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director shares, “This is a fun film for the entire family. Full of fantastical creatures and mysticism, it stars the legendary and fan favorite James Hong alongside an incredible cast including Bai Ling, George Takei, and a young group of talented actors that are ready to save the world!”

Filmmaker and star James Hong says, “It was a great pleasure to have worked with such young and talented actors. It was as if I jumped into the midst of the making of that older film “The Goonies.” Young talents have that wonderful quality of just abandoning themselves into the role. In acting with them, I couldn’t help but just jump into their pace and world. Now and then, I would ad lib dialogue to them like: “Let’s go. It’s time to save the world!” this typifies the feeling I had…very exhilarating! I trust the audience will react the same way. They must see this wonderful feature film Keepers of The 5 Kingdoms because it will lift them up in spirit, love and adventure.” 

Director Zack Ward adds, “This movie is my love letter to the 80s fantasy films I adored as a kid, like The Goonies, Dark Crystal, and Big Trouble in Little China. I worked with Oscar® winning FX artists for years so I was able to combine the classic practical FX with new VFX & Unreal Engine world building digital technology to create a modern fairy tale with comedy and heart for the whole family.”

Cast: James Hong, George Takei (Star Trek), Matthew Sato (Imaginary), Anna Harr (Hot Seat), Gedde Watanabe (Sixteen CandlesER), Bai Ling (The Crow), Dante Basco (Hook), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), Marisa Kapavik (Daisy Belle), and Michelle Mao (Metal Lords).

The Keepers of The 5 Kingdoms will be available on most US cable/satellite providers in the US and Canada, and major online platforms including Amazon Instant, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, and Vimeo on June 18, 2024, followed by DVD.

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