SOLIS Studios Is Positioned To Evolve Feature Film Production

SOLIS, the film division of the media and tech collective, is led by Brett Claywell, former One Tree Hill star, and Brendan de Kauwe, technology investment banker. The duo’s goal is to create a community for content creators and their audiences through the utilization of blockchain technology, allowing for deeper layers of engagement.

Seeing the film industry as a form of artistic expression, Claywell and De Kauwe have built a platform that allows creatives to have their vision come to life, whether through storytelling or other outlets. SOLIS Studios markets exactly to creators, entertainers, and their audiences.

Polygon Studios, the Gaming and NFT arm of Polygon, was recently announced as their technology and infrastructure partner. The company focuses on filling space between Web2 and Web3, using marketing, investment and development strategies. It is sought-after for energy-efficient projects and using Ethereum for scaling on the blockchain.

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain that assists in finding applications in areas, including DeFi, smart contracts, and NFTs. Technology is constantly evolving, and as a result, Ethereum surged in popularity in 2021, which sent the prices of scaling solutions like Polygon skyrocketing.

“Polygon’s visionary and robust Web3 solutions are the perfect foundation for us to continue to develop our exciting entertainment ecosystem for content creators and audiences,” said De Kauwe.

Claywell and De Kauwe strive to reframe the traditional Hollywood production landscape. In the near future, their mission with partnerships is to expand SOLIS with technology and infrastructure.

SOLIS Studios just announced a co-financing deal with Kodiak Studios, lead by Maurice Fadida, for a slate of genre films with Defiant Studios that will be coming this summer.

Fadida’s Kodiak has financed projects like the Academy-Award nominated The Trial of the Chicago 7 and Sony’s Bloodshot. This will also mark the third time that Kodiak and Defiant have collaborated together, as they teamed on the left-field Netflix sensation John Henry.

Looking forward to this next collaboration, Defiant’s Eric Fleischman said, “I think a partnership like this, with our infrastructure and SOLIS’ cutting-edge technology, will be the perfect blend of advancing our reach with the films we produce.” “We are equally eager to begin our work of building organic communities around feature films, giving audiences authentic opportunities to engage with the stories and talent they cherish in ways never before possible,” said Claywell.

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