International Powerhouse ‘ORBIS Production’ Tops the List as #1 Video Production Company in the EU

Multi-national media giant ORBIS Production Company, reaches new heights as the Top #1 video production company in the EU. The vetted team at ORBIS Production Company nabs the sought-after distinction given by Clutch for the several years in a row.
ORBIS Production – Top #1 Film and Video Production Company in Italy and the EU. International Sustainable Video Production Company executes projects of any complexity all across Italy and worldwide.

“We are humbled to be again voted the #1 video production company in Italy. Our team is delighted with the news that our hard work and diligence in the industry has been acknowledged so highly. We look forward to continuing to deliver the top-tier experience our clients deserve,” says Mike Lisjak, executive producer at ORBIS Production.

Headquartered in Milan, the growing production company established outposts in Rome, Vienna, Austria, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. With over a decade of video production experience in the industry, ORBIS Production Company boasts a roster of the most talented filmmakers, directors of photography, film crews and producers in the European Union. To keep pace with its growing list of patrons, ORBIS is expanding operations to include studios in Switzerland, Dubai, and Singapore.

Established in 2009, ORBIS Production Company’s prestigious clientele includes Fortune 500 companies from the fashion, tech, real estate, and pharmaceutical sectors. The more than 50 seasoned professionals at ORBIS Production Company have served industry leaders such as Christian Dior Couture, pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and the billion-dollar tech powerhouse Alibaba. 

With over 300 hundred completed projects to date, ORBIS Production Company was a shoo-in for the prestigious award. The niche company with a global reach has created hundreds of eye-catching commercials, television shows, and documentaries. ORBIS uses the latest technology, including a fleet of aerial drones, top of the line cinema equipment, innovative color grading systems and fully equipped editing suites to create a spectacular visual product. Each filmmaker is hand-picked for a project and is a graduate of the leading film academies in Italy and throughout the EU.

For the second year in a row, ORBIS Production Company has been recognized as the leading and biggest top #1 multi-award-winning Video Production Company in Italy and the EU. ORBIS is proud of its highest production standards and a huge number of global clients, from UBS to Christian Dior Couture.

ORBIS Production Company is the premier video production company with a solid gold client list to prove it. Global brands like Armani and Dior turn to the ORBIS Production Company crew. Furthermore, industry insiders seek out ORBIS Production Company to promote international events such as the coveted Venice Film Festival or to create a seamless high-end livestream for UBS.

ORBIS’s influence does not stop with commercial companies, but its reach also expands into the non-profit sector. International organizations like UNICEF count on ORBIS Production Company to help them tell their compelling story to donors and philanthropists. ORBIS Production Company is a one-stop shop with location scouting, development of creative concepts, screenwriting, and all of the behind-the-scenes pieces of a high-end production under one roof.

This award proves that the ORBIS Production Company works with the best directors and filmmakers in the business who produce cutting edge content for TVC, corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, TV series, and more. This expert team handles the entire project from inception to delivery with top-notch service. 

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