The Jim Henson Company will be introducing three innovative, whimsical new preschool series at the upcoming MIPJunior and MIPCOM markets. Two CG animated series, Dani Can Dance and Monster Jam, along with the live action puppet series Wowsabout, will make their market debut seeking key commissioning and co-producing partners.
Roxy the Hedgehog and Ronald the Piglet explore AWE in the new Jim Henson Company series “Wowsabout.” © The Jim Henson Company / © Sonia Altizer

The Jim Henson Company will be introducing three innovative, whimsical new preschool series at the upcoming MIPJunior and MIPCOM markets. Two CG animated series, Dani Can Dance and Monster Jam, along with the live action puppet series Wowsabout, will make their market debut seeking key commissioning and co-producing partners.

“The Jim Henson Company is arriving at MIPCOM with a full fresh slate of high-quality, forward-thinking, live action and animated series that global audiences deserve and expect from us. We are ready to identify the potential broadcasting partners for these new projects that are sure to remain Henson favorites for years to come,” said Kerry Novick, Vice President of Global Distribution for The Jim Henson Company.

“Featuring hilarious adventuring animals, grooving monsters, and a talented girl who loves to dance, these three series are wildly different, but they all share the hallmark of the best Henson series: transformative, innovative television that meets the needs of today’s kids and families,” said Halle Stanford, President of Television for The Jim Henson Company. “These new series come from our top creators, and kids around the world will love meeting the new stars of these shows who can stand alongside the legendary characters we are best known for.”

Jim Henson’s Monster Jam (working title, CG animation)

Get ready to stomp and roar! Right here on the dance floor! At the grooviest, funkiest, most monstrous club around. Everyone is invited to the Monster Jam – a safe place for kids to express their big emotions through physical movement, creative expression, and by letting their inner monster out! Based on Jim Henson’s original character drawings, this show – created by John Tartaglia (Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Splash and Bubbles) and Russell Hicks (formerly of Nickelodeon) – features characters brought to life by the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio.

Wowsabout (live action puppets)

Roxy the Hedgehog and Ronald the Piglet are on a walking-adventure to find the ‘Wows’ on this gorgeous planet they call home. Starring adorable new puppets from the award-winning Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the series – created by Halle Stanford (Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Sid the Science Kid) and Dorien Davies (Word Party, Julie’s Greenroom) – will explore the emotion of AWE! Our heroes will experience the beauty of the northern lights, a hot air balloon festival, the magnificence of the world’s tallest building, and so much more!

Dani Can Dance (CG animation)

Follow Dani as she dances her way through the ups and downs of a young girl’s life in this imaginative ‘dance-ical’ family series designed for preschoolers. Dani can dance any style of dance with aspirational mastery, delivering joy and positivity along the way. From creator Alex Rockwell (Word Party, Norman Picklestripes), this series uses the Emmy-winning Henson Digital Puppetry Studio to authentically capture the nuanced movements of professional dancers. This series will inspire kids to get off the couch and dance along with Dani!

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