PRO-TEK Vaults, an industry leader in film preservation, media curation, digital media services, and archival solutions, has doubled its storage and services capacity with the addition of a new 60,000 square foot facility in Thousand Oaks, CA and significant investment in its services capacity.
Courtesy of Pro-Tek Vaults

PRO-TEK Vaults, an industry leader in film preservation, media curation, digital media services, and archival solutions, has doubled its storage and services capacity with the addition of a new 60,000 square foot facility in Thousand Oaks, CA and significant investment in its services capacity.

“Demand for restoration and mastering services from entertainment industry customers has been a major force driving our expansion,” said Doug Sylvester, CEO, PRO-TEK. “Increasing our storage footprint and digital services capacity in the greater Los Angeles area reinforces our ability to provide our industry partners with high-touch customer service and immediate access to archived materials.”

PRO-TEK’s Thousand Oaks complex, which is now comprised of three buildings, includes 15,000 square feet of new cold vault storage and 28,000 square feet of new acclimatized warehouse space. Combined with its Burbank facility, PRO-TEK now has five custom-built cold vaults for film storage for a total film storage capacity of nearly 2 million reels. The company also now has four acclimatized warehouses for multimedia asset storage and increased digital media capabilities. The Burbank and Thousand Oaks facilities operate on a fully integrated and managed network for efficient data migration.

PRO-TEK works extensively with film studios, broadcast and cable TV networks, SVOD/AVOD/FAST channels, independent studios and production companies, music companies, government and corporate partners, libraries and museums, and educational institutions.

“Construction on this state-of-the-art storage and services center took well over a year as we needed to meet the exacting standards of our customers—some of the most sophisticated owners of intellectual property in the world,” said Tim Knapp, COO, PRO-TEK. “In addition to the increased demand from entertainment industry customers, services for museums, libraries, and educational institutions have also increased as they seek expertise in preserving media assets, especially nitrate film assets that require specialized handling and storage.”

PRO-TEK was acquired in 2021 by a group of financial investors led by private equity firm Champlain Capital. Doug Sylvester, who has over 25 years of experience in business services and traditional and digital media companies, joined the company as CEO after the acquisition to lead the next phase in the company’s evolution. Long-time PRO-TEK General Manager Tim Knapp was promoted to COO at that time. Growth capital for the current expansion was provided by the company’s investors, who are committed to further investments so that PRO-TEK can meet the growing demand for services from current and new customers. 

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