NetIndie launches streaming servicE

NetIndie has launched a new streaming service specifically focused on serving the independent film community.

NetIndie has launched a new streaming service specifically focused on serving the independent film community.  Much of the NetIndie library focuses on sharing short form content like short films, web-series, documentaries, animation, music videos, experimental films, talk shows & podcasts, students films and a variety of other projects. 

NetIndie is quickly becoming a favourite among independent filmmakers for multiple reasons. The top reason is most likely it’s lucrative revenue share plan. The monetization plan of NetIndie is far stronger than any streaming service currently online.  It is unique in the way that as their subscription base grows the amount of money shared with its content providers also grows. NetIndie pays royalties monthly and provides a clear per view accounting.

NetIndie is very different than the marketplace competitors. 

For example: Netflix pays a flat rate and provides no accounting. Netflix also does not provide any short content at all. Amazon Prime and iTunes used to provide short content for sale, but have now discontinued offering short content formats. Youtube pays only for certain qualifying content and when they pay its often less than pennies per thousand views. 

None of these competitor services offer partnership promotional programs. NetIndie works directly with filmmakers in partnership promotional programs.

Filmmakers and content providers agree that NetIndie is definitely more respectful of filmmakers and the content they create. 

As a filmmakers partner NetIndie is committed to the success and growth of the filmmaker. Each year NetIndie hosts a variety of live events that bring filmmakers into direct connection with their viewing audience and other filmmakers. NetIndie also sponsors film festivals and film related events regularly where filmmaker collaborations occur and deals get done. 

Perhaps NetIndie is different because its origin is different. It is a streaming service designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. NetIndie understands the goals creators have and what they need to continue making films.

Annual membership as a viewer to NetIndie is affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Membership as a filmmaker or content provider is FREE. NetIndie allows filmmakers to submit unlimited film projects and increase their earning potential worldwide.

NetIndie is currently accepting a wide variety of short format projects including:

Short films
Episodic programs
Reality TV
Experimental films
Movie trailers
Music videos
Comedy videos
Podcasts & Talk shows
Behind the scenes
Education & Personal development
Concerts & Events
Student films

NetIndie is now considered the streaming leader in supporting these format. For filmmakers looking to submit their projects for consideration to be included on the NetIndie library simply go to

The official launch date of NetIndie to the public is October 31, 2023.

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