iQIYI Releases Its XR App for Apple Vision Pro

iQIYI, a leading online entertainment service in China, announced the launch of its Apple Vision Pro App, iQIYI XR. As one of the first batch of apps on the VisionOS App Store in Chinese mainland, the iQIYI XR app offers an immersive viewing experience leveraging the company’s rich content library and advanced capabilities of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

The iQIYI XR app boasts an extensive library of over 25,000 high-quality videos, immersive IP viewing experience, and 3D emoji for bullet comments, showcasing iQIYI’s commitment to providing an engaging content consumption experience empowered by innovative technology.

Users will have access to a synchronized content library that covers a wide range of genres, including drama series, variety shows, and films. Popular new iQIYI original drama series like Follow Your Heart and variety shows such as The Rap of China 2024 will be available. Additionally, users can experience 3D films like White Snake 2: Green Snake from the comfort of their homes, with the advanced eye-tracking technology intensifying the exhilarating viewing experience of fight scenes.

The Vision Pro App supports Dolby Vision and iQIYI’s pioneering eXave(exceptional audio and visual enjoyment) MAX technology, unlocking the full potential of Vision Pro’s advanced display technology. It delivers a home theater-level audio-visual experience with 4K Ultra HD, HDR, high frame rate and high audio quality.

Moreover, the immersive IP viewing experience fully leverages the revolutionary spatial computing technology, seamlessly blending digital content with the physical world. Based on the digital assets of the highly acclaimed series Love Between Fairy and Devil, this experience transports users directly into the vivid scenes of the storyline. Additionally, users can embark on thrilling virtual adventures through panoramic VR video experiences, immersing themselves in breathtaking natural landscapes, thrilling extreme sports, and much more.

To further enhance viewer engagement, users can now personalize their viewing reactions with 3D emoji when sending bullet comments, enabling them to connect with the content in a unique and interactive way.

With the emergence of new technology, iQIYI is dedicated to staying at the forefront of driving innovation in the viewing experience with premium content, while also catering to diverse viewing needs across various scenarios.

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