Interesting Trivia and Facts about Actor Douglas Vermeeren

Here’s some interesting celebrity trivia about the actor Douglas Vermeeren. Some of these facts may surprise you. Which one of surprises you most? Leave a comment below.

Here’s some interesting celebrity trivia about the actor Douglas Vermeeren. Some of these facts may surprise you. Which one of surprises you most? Leave a comment below.

Did you know….

Douglas Vermeeren is Canadian.

Douglas Vermeeren was born in Winnipeg, June 22, 1987.

Douglas Vermeeren lived in France and speaks fluent French.

Douglas Vermeeren lived in Belgium.

Douglas Vermeeren lived in China and co-hosted a variety TV show there.

Douglas Vermeeren is 5’11.

Douglas Vermeeren was awarded the distinction of visiting professor while in China working with Chinese education leaders.

Douglas Vermeeren has three younger brothers and no sisters.

Douglas Vermeeren is a trained martial artists with several gold medals competing in Jiu Jitsu.

Douglas Vermeeren is a distant cousin of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

Douglas Vermeeren performed his first stunts riding on the outside of a car while in high school.

Douglas Vermeeren lives part time in Vancouver, Los Angeles and London UK.

Douglas Vermeeren loves Cheeseburgers, especially from In n’ Out.

Douglas Vermeeren has performed as a background performer in over 30 films.

Douglas Vermeeren has performed a full body fire burn as a stunt man.

Douglas Vermeeren loves amusement parks, especially roller coasters.

Douglas Vermeeren is an accomplished musician having written and recorded several songs.

Douglas Vermeeren plays the piano.

Douglas Vermeeren modelled for several companies including appearing in a catalog for Walmart.

Douglas Vermeeren once performed a Houdini-style straight jacket escape hanging 7 stories above the ground by his ankles.

Douglas Vermeeren trains Jiu Jitsu multiple times per week.

Douglas Vermeeren is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Douglas Vermeeren was close friends with Richard Kiel who played Jaws in the James Bond movies.

Douglas Vermeeren once did push ups over a sleeping lion.

Douglas Vermeeren is a regular supporter of the Children’s hospitals and have been involved in many fundraisers.

Douglas Vermeeren’s heroes include Steve McQueen, James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Douglas Vermeeren loves old movies and foreign films.

Douglas Vermeeren made his first TV appearance when he was 5.

Douglas Vermeeren went to college with pre-medicine in mind, but soon wound up on academic probation for low grades. (He soon switched to film studies and became a scholarship honor student).

Douglas Vermeeren loves karaoke – his favourite artists to sing include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond.

Douglas Vermeeren is an artist and he has a painting in the home of Sir Michael Caine.

Douglas Vermeeren has written several books and has books in the Royal Library of Queen Elizabeth II.

Douglas Vermeeren enjoys scuba diving and exploring shipwrecks.

Douglas Vermeeren once hung off the side of a helicopter for a movie scene.

Douglas Vermeeren once jumped from an exploding bridge into water for a movie scene.

Douglas Vermeeren once jumped from a moving motorcycle to another moving vehicle for a movie scene.

Douglas Vermeeren won a best actor award for his role as Billy Lachance in Jackknife.

Douglas Vermeeren won a best supporting actor award for his role as Leonard in Tenants.

Douglas Vermeeren has been averaging between 5 and 8 movies per year since the pandemic.

Douglas Vermeeren has appeared in over 60 movies.

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