Elle Fanning and Sofia Coppola Reunite for Roku Gin

The House of Suntory’s Roku Gin announces they are partnering with world-renowned actress Elle Fanning and filmmaker Sofia Coppola to create a campaign vignette that launches today. The collaboration with two of the leading names in cinema is the centerpiece of Roku Gin’s ‘Come Alive with the Seasons’ campaign, which invites people to experience the best of every season.

Roku Gin is an articulation of the Japanese concept of shun, the moment when nature is at its peak in vibrancy and vitality. Distilled in Japan with meticulous attention to detail, Roku is the perfect blend of fresh and floral flavors. The gin’s flavor profile is achieved by balancing six Japanese botanicals with eight traditional gin botanicals. The six botanicals in Roku include Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, Sansho pepper, and Yuzu peel – each harvested at its peak seasonality. A unique multiple-distillation process brings out the best in each.

With longtime friend Elle Fanning as her muse, Sofia Coppola uses her masterful creative direction to capture the Roku Gin story beautifully. The campaign vignette seamlessly weaves together renowned Japanese nature, influenced by Roku’s six distinct botanicals, with its deeply rooted traditions and spirits culture synonymous with The House of Suntory; this content transcends mere storytelling.

This campaign vignette aims to serve a greater purpose: to encourage discerning viewers worldwide to appreciate vibrant, fleeting seasons around them in a fast-paced, digital world – the shared value in Japanese culture behind seasonal festivals such as Hanami and the creation of Roku Gin. The vignette was unveiled yesterday during the Roku Gin ‘Come Alive with the Seasons’ event in New York City and can now be viewed on The House of Suntory website here. Sofia Coppola and Elle Fanning were joined by distinguished guests to celebrate.

Fanning said, “It is amazing to be partnering with The House of Suntory’s Roku Gin. Their commitment to craftsmanship, nature, and attention to detail is why Roku Gin is inspiring. And working alongside my friend Sofia again to showcase the beautiful concept of shun through our Roku Gin ‘Come Alive with the Seasons’ campaign vignette has been particularly special to me.”

Elle Fanning in Roku Gin’s ‘Come Alive with the Seasons’ campaign

The recommended serve is a Roku Gin & tonic, with one part Roku Gin and three parts tonic water, garnished with freshly cut ginger and served over ice in a highball glass.

Earlier this year, The House of Suntory’s Roku Gin debuted the Festival Collection; the limited-edition release of the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition is the first edition in this collection. This limited offering honors the Sakura flower, whose delicate nature and fleeting blossoms captivate Japan each spring. Crafted using freshly picked Sakura blossoms at peak freshness, the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition is inspired by Hanami. During this renowned spring festival, Japanese people gather in parks to enjoy the vibrant yet brief Sakura blossom season. The use of Sakura imparts an elegant floral taste with hints of saltiness, while the limited-edition packaging design brings the spirit of the festival to life.

The House of Suntory began with the establishment of its Yamazaki Distillery in 1923 —the oldest malt whisky distillery in Japan’s history. Since its founding, The House of Suntory has been crafting world-class spirits and as well as Roku Gin, is known for Yamazaki®, Hibiki®, Hakushu®, Chita®, Kakubin®, Toki®, Ao World Whisky®, Legent® and Haku® Vodka. After a successful 100th anniversary campaign last year that included several groundbreaking limited-edition whisky releases, The House of Suntory looks forward to innovating Japanese spirits for years to come.

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