Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Celebrates “The New New York” During Tribeca Festival

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey presented the latest chapter of the Bulleit Pioneer Project — its multi-year commitment to championing and amplifying those breaking new ground in culture. This time around Bulleit joined forces with long-standing partners Tribeca Festival and UnitedMasters to spotlight New York’s creative talent. “The New New York” event brought together emerging pioneers spanning film, music, food, and drink — hailing from across the five New York boroughs — during the Tribeca Festival weeklong festivities.
Tribeca Festival First-Time Filmmaker Ben DiGiacomo’s Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall film projected at The New New York event by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey presented the latest chapter of the Bulleit Pioneer Project — its multi-year commitment to championing and amplifying those breaking new ground in culture. This time around Bulleit joined forces with long-standing partners Tribeca Festival and UnitedMasters to spotlight New York’s creative talent. “The New New York” event brought together emerging pioneers spanning film, music, food, and drink — hailing from across the five New York boroughs — during the Tribeca Festival weeklong festivities.

Within the diverse pool of talent on show, six promising filmmakers from New York — all nominees of the Tribeca Festival First Time Filmmakers award — were given the spotlight to present new work within the expansive Chelsea Factory venue.

Bulleit proudly sponsors the Best New Director Award at the Tribeca Festival, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of first-time filmmakers venturing into uncharted creative territory. This event comes days after Bulleit featured the filmmakers in full-page ads across local New York newspapers, providing them with notable exposure.

Participants of the UnitedMasters 100-Hour Commitment at the The New New York event by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Sounds of The Five Boroughs
The event came alive in the Chelsea Factory — a space committed to providing New Yorkers with a platform for connection, inspiration, and joy. Building on its relationship with independent artist platform, UnitedMasters, Bulleit celebrated the impact that New York has had on music by giving the microphone to emerging talent from across the city, including Brandon Blue, Liana Banks, and Tosh Alexander. Alongside this, DJs from each borough, including Turbz from Brooklyn, Venus X from Manhattan, and Krystal Vega from Manhattan, took to the decks.

“New York City is synonymous with pushing cultural boundaries and spearheading new art forms. Its creative spirit and the abundance of talent living and working here, make it an undeniable cultural force,” said Sophie Kelly, Sr. Vice President of Whiskeys at Diageo North America.

“Bulleit and Tribeca Festival share a long-standing relationship built on their mutual dedication to creativity, innovation and the celebration of exceptional voices. For our fifth year together, we’re solidifying the dedication expressed in the Bulleit Pioneer Project initiated last year. This is why we decided to showcase and support the visionaries who shape the cultural landscape of the world’s most vibrant creative hub – New York.”

Flavors of The Five Boroughs
“The New New York” also showcased five bars, each expertly curated and hosted by mixologists from different boroughs — Genesis Cruz from Manhattan, Natali Claros-Ospina from Brooklyn, Andria Rodriquez from The Bronx, Brian Ipuz from Queens and Jimmy Colvil from Staten Island. Each mixologist crafted a cocktail inspired by the unique essence and flavors of their area.

A curated menu inspired by the distinct flavors of the five boroughs included Pork Belly Bao Buns representing Manhattan, Lentil Falafel for Queens, Mini Chopped Cheese sliders inspired by The Bronx, Mini Jamaican Beef Patties for Brooklyn, and Caprese skewers symbolizing Staten Island.

In alignment with Bulleit’s ongoing planet-first commitment, the event was created with the environment in mind from end to end.

Tribeca Festival First-Time Filmmaker Jennifer Esposito’s Fresh Kills film projected at The New New York event by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Cara Cusumano, Festival Director & VP, Programming, Tribeca Festival added:
“The inception of the Tribeca Festival marked a pivotal moment in revitalizing New York’s economic and cultural landscape in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks. Fueled by creativity, the festival injected fresh energy into the city, serving as a powerful symbol of resilience. Now, after 22 years, it is inspiring to come together once more and commemorate the creativity, strength, and profound cultural impact that New York continues to embody through this extraordinary event.”

Kicking off 100-Hour Commitment
The evening commenced with the first act of the 100-Hour Commitment — a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration between emerging artists and renowned talent from UnitedMasters. Local talent were granted one hour of invaluable guidance and expertise from esteemed mentors such as J, Ivy (GRAMMY award winning spoken word poet), Joel Leon (performer and director), Clintn Lord (rapper), and Chaucer Barners (CMO of UnitedMasters).

“Raw talent gets you a long way in this industry, but longevity can only come from the wisdom gained through experience. What excites me about the 100 Hour Commitment is the chance to sit with bright, emerging artists and impart them with the insights to navigate this space and the tools to combine their talent with the business savvy needed for long-term success,” said Chaucer Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer of UnitedMasters Inc.

Bulleit and UnitedMasters are now poised to launch a comprehensive summer-long program, extending mentorship opportunities to aspiring artists seeking to advance their craft.

This builds on the success of previous Pioneer Project endeavors, such as The Remix Challenge in late 2022—a search for gifted wordsmiths vying for a coveted mentoring session with the esteemed J. Ivy—and the unveiling of a compelling short film featuring his poignant spoken word composition entitled “A Toast To The Times” in February of the current year.

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