Wonderspaces Launches Virtual Reality Film Series in Austin

Image of Wonderspaces VR Film Series at Suite 650. Photograph by Devon Hutchins.

A new award-winning VR experience presented every month at Suite 650

Wonderspaces, presenters of immersive art in Austin since July 2020, announces the launch of a monthly Virtual Reality (VR) Film Series at Suite 650, a new multipurpose production space and creative studio located on Hwy 183. Wonderspaces will present a celebrated VR film for one weekend a month, starting with award-winning film Gloomy Eyes by Fernando Maldonaldo and Jorge Tereso on June 25 and 26th.

“Every year, artists create extraordinary VR films that reach only the people who can afford to spend hundreds on festival badges or special hardware,” said Jason Shin, Wonderspaces’ President. “We’re excited to partner with these talented artists and the team at Suite 650 to make these films accessible to the broadest possible audience.”

Image of Wonderspaces VR Film Series at Suite 650. Photograph by Devon Hutchins.

Tickets for Gloomy Eyes will be on sale starting Monday, June 6 at noon and will be available at https://austin.wonderspaces.com/tickets. Tickets are $16 for adults and $12 for children under 13, with 50% off for Wonderspaces members. Each visit runs for approximately 50 minutes and showtimes start on the hour from 12pm – 7pm on select Saturdays and Sundays. New tickets will be released monthly.  

Image of Wonderspaces VR Film Series at Suite 650. Photograph by Devon Hutchins.


Dates past October to be announced

Jun 25-26, 2022          Gloomy Eyes by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso 
Jul 23-24, 2022           Madrid Noir by James Castillo 
Aug 27-28, 2022         Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey by Jan Kounen / Shigeto: Hovering 
by Conor Grebel and 79Ancestors 
Sep 24-25, 2022          Traveling While Black by Roger Ross Williams 
Oct 22-23, 2022          Spheres by Eliza McNitt

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