Tristan Eaton Releases Dracula & The Wolf Man Official Universal 3D Monster Prints

Monsters Universal Backlot

Over the past three years, Tristan Eaton has been tasked with reinventing the iconic Universal Monsters through his recognizable art style. Eaton had the honor of breathing life into some of the most iconic horror movie characters in history, first as gigantic, permanent murals on the Universal Studios Back Lot and then as officially licensed Fine Art prints. A true classic horror fan, Eaton infuses each mural and print with his beloved nostalgia and layered, colorful tributes to the genre. Getting unparalleled access to Universal’s secret archive for his research, Eaton was able to stay true to the wonder of monster movie magic. His spray paint collage style gives the monsters a modern twist while honoring the beloved heritage of each character. This collaboration was an historic meeting of classic cinema and modern street art.

Now, Eaton is rounding out the print collection with two final 3D characters: ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Wolfman!’ Complimenting ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon,’ ‘Frankenstein,’ and ‘Bride of Frankenstein,’ these last two prints also feature Eaton’s meticulous, stereoscopic 3D effects, and come with custom retro style 3D glasses. From Monday, June 27th 3pm PST through Wednesday June 29th at 3pm PST avid collectors, classic horror fans, and those who are just joining the series now, will all have the opportunity to purchase these final two prints, bringing a little bit of movie magic to their homes. Holders of Eaton’s GEMMA NFT will have a special 24-hour window to shop the day before.

Tristan Eaton Dracula and the Wolf Man 3D Monster Print Release

While previous releases have been limited in edition number, ‘Dracula’ and ‘Wolfman’ are open timed releases, giving more people a chance to grab their own, so long as they set their alarms and mark their calendars!

These special limited edition prints feature 15″ x 26″ renderings of Dracula and Wolfman in full stereoscopic 3D with a collectible custom pair of 3D glasses. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and is printed on a Signa Smooth 300gsm archival cotton rag paper with custom hand deckled edges, available for $250 each.

Previous releases have seen the Universal Monster Prints flying off the proverbial shelves, but with this final installment Eaton gives fans a chance to purchase their favorite classic monsters without constraint, only limiting them to time available. This is access unlike fans have seen before!

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