“The Squad” an intense, bad girls versus bad guys action flick

“The Squad” is an intense, bad girls versus bad guys action flick that will surprise you at every turn.

“The Squad” is an intense, bad girls versus bad guys action flick that will surprise you at every turn.

It’s 3 girls aka ‘The Squad’ on spring break selling so many drugs that the cartel wants them eliminated.

Alea Hansinger shines as the trio’s moral compass Bella, skillfully navigating her brazen exterior and internal struggles.

Dani played by Grace Evans impresses in her feature debut as Dani…she “gracefully” shifts from sweet to sour and back again throughout.

Megan Carrasquillo as ‘G’ decided to not waste anyone’s time in this movie as she shifts the story into a new gear with each frame of her screen time.

UFC fighter Julia Avila, as J.C., literally and figuratively delivers a “knockout” performance with a riveting on-screen presence in her first movie. She’s really good.

Oh and the 3 ladies have a surprise enforcer. Wil Wilson doesn’t miss a beat (or shot) in his unflinching role as ‘The Housekeeper” even when he’s covered in blood from cleaning up their mess.

Dead-eyed cartel boss Shawnee Brittan looks the part and plays the part of ‘Frosty The Snowman’ like he’s actually “the guy.”

When you watch the movie you know why “the guy” is in quotes thanks to Jennifer Ferguson. She delivers an understated performance as the squad’s leader ‘Alpha’ the wise mama-bird who keeps the business operational at all costs.

Jordan Dragonking keeps his ruthless character ‘Hef’ at the boiling point without ever going over the top crafting a legitimately frightening presence.

Local drug boss Clint McGown delivers the ‘Url’ role with salty hillbilly flare. Kind of a likable a-hole.

All of these characters make for an intense, fast-moving and dare I say it…emotional action movie, expertly assembled by director Rick Walker who penned the script from Lisa Faast’s story.

With a relatively short run time, “The Squad” takes a few breaths to let you in on the back story of the 3 girls, which kept me highly engaged and rooting for them through their intense ride.

These 3 girls aren’t role models by any means. They’re fake-sweet and addicting, kinda like Splenda without the after taste.

With his pedal-to-the-metal approach Walker only taps the brakes for the twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Don’t blink because you’ll want to take it all in.

After developing a bit of a cult following on the International festival circuit, “The Squad” premieres in North America Friday, December 1st on Amazon Prime.

– Josh Reeves | Hollywood Indie Tea

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