The story of indie superhero “Martian” is receiving rave reviews at film festivals worldwide, but its producer/creator  is seeking a more otherworldy accomplishment.

Mark Starks is hoping his new documentary short “Martian & Me”  will be the first film to screen on non other than the Red Planet.

Freed from suspended animation by Earth astronauts on Mars, “Martian” began his crusade for justice and peace in the galaxy nearly 50 years ago. Starks created the character in 1973 as part of a hand-drawn comic book for class credit. As the format of comic books evolved from paper to electronic, Starks embraced change and “Martian” was introduced as a motion comic book series. 

The new documentary “Martian & Me” premiered in July and has already garnered Best Documentary, Best Poster and Best Voice Actor (Starks) awards, according to and the Internet Movie Database.  The wins originate from West Bengal, India, Kerala, India, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Upcoming screenings include FrankenFest in Detroit, Michigan, Emerald Peacock in Berlin, Germany, Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios, UK, Golden Wheat Awards in Istanbul, Turkey, The Independent Video Film Festival of YouTube, Athens, Greece, Tarzana Comic Con in Western Cape, South Africa and several Academy Award ®/ BAFTA Award Qualifying Festivals.  

Starks is proud of the Earthly accolades but continues to gaze skyward for the ultimate tribute. 

“There’s no doubt that Mars has piqued our curiousity more than any other planet,” he notes. “As more probes and rovers make their long journey there, and NASA has invited us to send our name to Mars, it is conceivable to send “Martian & Me” to Mars in video file format, perhaps as part of an external computer bus (USB). With “Martian’s” long association with Mars, it would be a spectacular homecoming-of-sorts.”

To invite Starks to screen the film on Earth, Mars, or anywhere in the galaxy, or to order DVDS and posters, contact him at

“Martian & Me” can be seen at

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