IndIE Filmmaker Jeffery Lando Takes YOU on a Psychedelic Trip With ‘Lissa’s Trip’

Lando’s film is set to have its world premiere at the upcoming Warsaw International Film Festival in the Free Spirit competition on October 20th. Its Canadian premiere is also set for the soon-to-follow Whistler Film Festival.
Poster for Lissa’s Trip

Lando’s film is set to have its world premiere at the upcoming Warsaw International Film Festival in the Free Spirit competition on October 20th. Its Canadian premiere is also set for the soon-to-follow Whistler Film Festival.

Lissa’s Trip is a Canadian film shot in Los Angeles and stars Sofia Vassilieva (The Little Things, Medium, Eloise at the Plaza), Tygh Runyan (Versailles, 15 Minutes, K19: The Widowmaker), and Brendan Beiser (The Boys, Downsizing, The Tooth Fairy)

The film is a unique and personal story that explores the journey of an actress and her relationship with her mother played by Camille Carida.

Lando points to AI as a key enabler and even collaborator. He used and modified a variety of novel techniques to create and integrate hallucinatory imagery into the movie.

Filmmaker Jeffery Lando as imaged by an AI emulating Annie Leibowitz’ (stable diffusion)

Lando also points to AI and other novel technological advances all coming together to empower filmmakers. The film is a labor of love and an exploration for Lando (Roboshark, Suspension, House of Bones), who was committed to exploring alternative non-hierarchical ways to make a film.

“I was doing my utmost to give up trying to control the story and instead allow it to grow into what it wanted to be,” said Lando.

“It’s just not the kind of story I was engaging in before, a maturation story about an actress and her relationship with her mother? I would never have approached that in a million years. But it turns out to be incredibly personal of course, and inescapably about me in ways I am still uncovering. But I think it is universal too. We all feel lost sometimes. We all need to find our way home to our creative center. Right?”

Lando hopes that audiences will take away from the film a new perspective on their own lives.

“I’ve heard it said that people feel like they’ve been on a real trip when the movie ends. I hope it succeeds at giving people a great time, entrancing them, and I hope that for some watching it helps them get inspired about their own lives.”

Lando is already working on his next project, a Vancouver-set cyberpunk story about street kids who tangle with a God-level AI.

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