Director Neil Myers to Debut heartwarming documentary, Climb

Inspirational film about a triathlete’s journey back from near-death accident premieres December 15.

From director Neil Myers comes the heartwarming documentary, Climb. The film recently completed a breakthrough film festival season, where it was an official selection at 40 film festivals globally and won 26 awards, including best documentary, best cinematography, best original score, and many other awards. 

The film tells the story of a triathlete who was nearly killed during a training ride – colliding head-on with a truck, breaking 16 bones in 26 places, collapsing both lungs and suffering a brain bleed. After a month in the hospital and two months of rehab, the triathlete got back on his bike and began his journey back to competition. 

Climb debuts on December 15 on Vimeo. The film debuted at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where director Roger Durling remarked, “Climb is an extremely well-made, inspirational film.” The Milano Film Festival says, “Climb heralds suspense and a climax worthy of the best fictional scripts.”

While the film builds to a dramatic, exciting finish at the Santa Barbara Triathlon one year after the accident, the story is more of a love story. A love of cycling, of the community which saved his life and helped him back to the starting line, and of his family who was with him every step of the way. It is both a heartwarming story for the holidays and an inspiration for anyone who is facing a challenge in their life.

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