Audiences are Begging for Romance and Romance is Begging for Production

Contrary to popular belief, especially of Hollywood executives, romance is NOT dead. Actually, romance is thriving. Audiences are begging for more love stories, but they seem to be few and far between.

The release of Bridgerton’s second season proved to be, unsurprisingly, extremely successful. Centered around romance and sexual tension, audiences grew eager to keep watching. It gained immense support, displayed through the never-ending buzz it created on social media. Now, it holds the record for the most-watched Netflix English-language series on its premiere weekend.

With the incredible success that came from Bridgerton, and the new romance film, The Lost City (Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum), it seems strange that romance films and series are difficult to come across. Hollywood keeps producing projects of the horror and action genres, but continues to shy away from romance.

If it hasn’t already been made clear, WE WANT ROMANCE. Thousands of popular romance novels flood the market, but many struggle to make it to media production. With a pre-written plot and a distinct fan base, it seems nonsensical not to pick these books up for the big screen. The romance novel selection continues to grow accounting for more than 50% of all books sold of every genre, but the romance media selection remains scarce.

Writer, Rebekah R. Ganiere, USA Today Bestselling Author and Emmy-nominated Screenwriter and Producer, is soon releasing two more romance novels that would undoubtedly become media sensations if produced.

On April 14th, her novel Massacre at Mardi Gras is set to release. This marks the third book in her Paranormal Romance Mystery series– Otherworlder. This urban fantasy follows a fae (a supernatural creature) who is asked to investigate several murders occuring in New Orelans, and only days before Mardi Gras. Raine, along with her weretiger boyfriend Jordan, and miniature sized dragon Sam go to New Orleans under the employment of the ruling vampire family to find out who is slaughtering humans in the streets. This mystery-romance is sure to intrigue readers. Its creation into a film or series would surely prove to be a success, as well as a number of Ganiere’s other 35+ works to date.

She is introducing another fantastical romance– Thor– on July 19th. This novel about the God of Thunder, displays his struggle with past events and his acceptance of his single, working life. Then, he meets Princess Sutrelle ‘Elle’ of Muspelheim– the daughter of Thor’s mortal enemy, Sutr. This West Side Story adjacent romance promises to stun readers. Because of the continued success of the Marvel franchise in theaters, it only seems natural that a look into Thor’s love life is debuted for audiences. Other books being released in Ganiere’s series this year will include romance stories for both Loki, as well as Odin. This marks yet another book series that would thrive if produced for media consumption.

Ganiere herself has a number of other novels that would be perfect for film and media series. These, along with the thousands of other best-selling romantic novels available, are destined to be successful productions. The reason why several of these novels have not already been produced is completely unknown, especially because Hollywood executives continue to note the intense praise that these films and series garner.

Rebekah Ganiere is currently in talks with a major streamer about one of her many novel franchises.

So, on behalf of all audiences, we ask you, Hollywood, to rethink your continuous disregard for romantic productions. We don’t need more action, more thrillers, or more horror. We want romance. We have made this clear on several occasions. Please make this happen. Sincerely, those who are craving romance.

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