Actor and Brand Icon Jonathan Goldsmith Signs With ALG Brands

ALG to Curate New Brand Ambassadorships, Product Collaborations And Media Projects.
Jonathan Goldsmith plays “The Most Interesting Man in the World” in beer company Dos Equis’ ad campaign.

ALG Brands (“ALG”) has signed on to represent international celebrity Jonathan Goldsmith, it was announced today by ALG CEO Ashley Austin. The firm will leverage the worldwide notoriety attained from his roles in campaigns for Dos Equis, Stella Artois, Astral Tequila and hundreds of film and television appearances to expand his reach across industries and brand categories. Additionally, ALG will develop new film and television projects alongside Goldsmith and oversee his digital media platforms.

“Mars was lovely but a bit provincial,” says Goldsmith. “It’s time to attend once more to opportunities calling. You can reach me through my representatives at ALG.”

“Jonathan is quite literally the most interesting man I have ever met,” says Austin.

“He is an icon with undeniable selling power and we are so excited to collaborate and unlock amazing new opportunities for him in the brand and media space.”

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