How FilmHedge is Revolutionizing Film Financing

Coromandel Capital has just doubled their investment in FilmHedge– the most recent craze in film financing. At FilmHedge, they offer extensive funding to various projects. Filmmakers can simply submit their project to the company, accompanied by a brief explanation of their project to the website and, if approved, could receive substantial funding for their project. Their website elaborates, “Upon approval, in 24 to 72 hours you can receive the capital you need to complete your project.”

The large media conglomerates often take the spotlight for film projects, funding thousands of projects solely based on the experience and credibility of well-known names in the industry. Small but talented artists eager to share their work with an audience have a difficult time finding a way to get their work out there.

This is where companies like FilmHedge come in. These companies allow powerful, artistic works to circulate in the public. Perspectives of minority individuals, or those with a minimal ranking in the industry are often lost. Audiences are incapable of opening their eyes to such impactful viewpoints if they are not exposed to these works.

Commandel Capital’s partnership promises to expand potential ventures and simultaneously expand audience exposure to effective, profound projects.

Jon Gosier, CEO and Founder of FilmHedge, describes the impact that Commandel Capital will offer as well as the difference between the approach of FilmHedge as compared to other comparable companies: “Our mission at FilmHedge is to make media investing more efficient, faster, and more scalable. You can’t really do that if you’re a film fund, a bank, or a private equity shop. Those models require too many decision-makers to sign off on a deal, which means they are slow. This is why alternative lenders like Coromandel make great partners for us. We offer a tech-first, passive way for them to generate returns from an asset class they weren’t exposed to.”

Another advantage of the FilmHedge approach is that financing is available at any point of the filming process– Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Re-shoots, or Finishing. The application can be completed at any of these various points of filming through the same online process.

Gosier continues to explain the financing process that FilmHedge utilizes: “Our platform allows our staff to digitally underwrite films the same way a bank might. This includes analyzing pre-sale agreements, distribution agreements, completion guarantees, and legal documents. We’ve codified a lot of these documents and have features in development that will allow us to use machine learning and other fancy algorithms to greatly speed up transactions. Faster underwriting means more qualified deals which translates to faster, and in some cases larger, returns.”

Essentially, the FilmHedge process has been carefully and intricately designed to best suit the needs of filmmakers and investors. The benefits that come with using this platform are extensive and have already helped countless filmmakers publish their work.

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