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In today’s world of mass media, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters tend to dominate the film industry. However, independent filmmakers produce thought-provoking, unique content that is often overlooked by mainstream audiences. This is where a platform like iBossTV comes in.

In today’s world of mass media, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters tend to dominate the film industry. However, independent filmmakers produce thought-provoking, unique content that is often overlooked by mainstream audiences. This is where a platform like iBossTV comes in.

iBoss stands for Independent Box Office Screening System, and the mission of iBoss Entertainment is to empower creative independence.  iBossTV is an independent film distribution platform provided by iBoss Entertainment that allows viewers to access a wide range of independent films, documentaries, series and more! 

iBossTV aims to celebrate not just independent films, but independent filmmakers and creators around the globe while helping to bridge the gap between mainstream audiences and the world of independent films. Visit  to learn more!

Why subscribe to iBossTV VIP PASS?

Support Creative Independence: Subscribing to iBossTV’s VIP PASS is a way to support independent filmmakers and the independent film industry as a whole. By subscribing, viewers are contributing to the continued growth of independent filmmakers and helping to ensure that independent filmmakers have a platform to showcase their work and brilliance. 

Support Our Youth & Communities: iBoss Entertainment is also proud to say that embedded in the vision of the company is building and supporting young creatives in our communities through youth programming and outreach.  By subscribing you are helping iBoss Entertainment support local community programs and opportunities to foster young creatives in pursuit of their dreams. 

Support Independent Innovation: The world of independent films and creators are continually growing but so are the challenges. iBoss Entertainment is continually innovating, boldly exploring and developing new avenues for independent filmmakers and creators to thrive. 

Benefits of subscribing to iBossTV VIP PASS

  • Unlimited Access – Subscribers gain access to a library of independent films, series, web-series and more. This library includes a variety of genres, from action and adventure to drama, horror, and comedy. The selection is always growing, with new content being added.
  • NO Ads – Subscribers can also enjoy ad-free viewing with the VIP Pass. This means no interruptions during the viewing experience, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.
  • Event VIP Access – Get VIP Access and discounts to iBossTV hosted events. With an iBossTV VIP PASS, you not only have access to independent streaming content, but events hosted by iBossTV such as special screenings, online community events and more! 
  • Special Discounts – Enjoy discounts on premium content that is only available for rental or purchase. Aside from having a subscription, other ways viewers can watch iBossTV content is by renting for a period of time or purchases. With an iBossTV VIP PASS, you get a discount for rentals and purchases compared to viewers without a VIP PASS.
  • Get iBossTV SWAG! – Enjoy discounts on our merch and the chance to win Free SWAG! Help us support our youth and communities with the proceeds made from our merch sales. We truly appreciate your support! Checkout our SWAG STORE on the iBossTV platform 

In addition to being part of the iBossTV Community, get the behind-the-scenes content, interviews with filmmakers, and insight into the creative brilliance of the content you are watching! 

WHO is iBossTV FOR?


  • Film enthusiasts 
  • Interested in discovering new and unique films that challenge conventional storytelling techniques and explore unconventional themes.
  • Individuals who prefer to support independent filmmakers and production companies.
  • Interested in diverse perspectives and representations that are not typically seen in mainstream films.
  • Fans of niches and genres like drama, romance, action, faith-based, horror, thriller, sci-fi  and many other independent films which may not receive wide theatrical releases.


Independent filmmakers who are looking to showcase their work! Learn More About Film Submissions  

Where to subscribe and watch iBossTV?

Easy! Whether on your mobile devices, PC or tablet visit Join the independent movement! SIGN UP TODAY!

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