Chair 10 Productions Launches piCT Initiative to Take Advantage of Connecticut 30% Film Tax Credit

Connecticut’s picturesque locations and lucrative 30% entertainment tax credit, above-the-line and below-the-line, inspired Chair 10 Productions to launch the piCT (Productions in Connecticut) Initiative, aimed at drawing major films and television shows to the Nutmeg State. In addition to the overall tax credit, Connecticut offers a 20% infrastructure investment tax credit for entertainment-related facilities, engineered to encourage production companies to invest in the film industry in the state.

Chair 10 Productions, Connecticut’s premier production services company, helps support projects filming in Connecticut. Chair 10 also provides consulting services for  productions, including physical production, locations, crew, vendors and tax credit advising. Chair 10 aims to be a pillar of Connecticut’s entertainment industry and an ambassador for incoming productions, producers and executives, making them feel at home, welcomed and supported in all aspects of their production while helping them achieve their creative vision.

The company was founded by husband and wife producing team Jonathan Black (Odd Man Rush) and Lauren Black (“The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”), who have a combined 40+ years of experience in the entertainment industry in both film and television. As producers, both partners have provided production services and support on projects around the globe.

Through their piCT initiative, Chair 10 is focused on attracting big budget production to Connecticut. Chair 10 has been cultivating relationships with major networks, streamers, studios and production companies.. With picturesque landscapes, private homes, historic buildings, museums, factories, farms, and cityscapes, Connecticut offers everything you need to film your next project. In proximity to New York, Boston and Philadelphia, filming in Connecticut is convenient and offers diverse locations to fit all types of film production needs.

What exactly makes Chair 10 different from other companies in the industry? “One word: Family,” says Jonathan Black.

“We aim to treat all of our clients, vendors and crew like family. While we understand that entertainment is a business, we believe valuing people and relationships ultimately helps the bottom line, and aim to find the perfect balance between creative vision and financial concerns while making sure the people behind the production are well taken care of.”

Most producers and production companies only care about profits, and don’t see the value of the creatives and crew. Chair 10 strives to be a different kind – focused on relationships, family, and making sure the crew is taken care of, as well as providing a fun and rewarding production environment. For Black and his wife Lauren, the work environment should be a positive and safe experience for everyone involved.

Chair 10 plans to build a robust and strong connection with the entertainment community globally, by bringing projects to Connecticut and building a strong infrastructure for filming in the state. This includes having multiple soundstages, a solid crew base, and a robust tax credit, making filming in Connecticut a profitable venture for not only the state but also for producers, production companies, streamers and studios alike to return again and again.

“We are in talks with high-level partners to bring big-budget projects here, and with the state to provide the infrastructure to support those projects,” Black shares.

Chair 10 envisions deepening their current relationships and forming new ones, making Connecticut a filming hub for many years to come. For more information, visit

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