Thrills & Chills – Halloween Edition – Nominees & Winners

Spooky season is coming! Thrills & Chills Film Awards is celebrating Halloween by dedicating a special horror-filled edition of their competition to the occasion.

The jury has voted, and here are the nominees and winners.
(all winners are in bold)

Best Horror Film

Last Chance – Anthony Fanelli
Creature – Larissa James
Night of the Devil – Anthony Calvitti
Feed the Animals – Ty Anthony Metcalfe
The Stitcher – David W. Bailey & Joe Lujan
Hands Off – Lawrence Essex
My Friends The Plants – Christine Celozzi
The Monster of the Desert – Adam Van Dyke
Girl Next – Larry Carrell

Best Thriller Film

Deep Shock – Davide Melini
The Uncredited – Nick Burchard
Starsky – Andrew Hopper
You Will See Us – Jennifer Wolfe
The Role Of A Lifetime – Marc Saez
Backstage – Lars Janssen
Here There Be Tygers – Polly Schattel
Hidden Valley Place – Bartley Taylor
Threshold – Mike Thompson

Best Sci-Fi Film

The Last Sunset – Hemzah Naveed
Intrusion – Nicholas Carrodo
Colossus – James Roe
Litmus – Travis Darkow
Transfert – Jonathan Degrelle
Influence: The Strangest Cold Case on the Internet – Evan Paul Gilmore

Best Fantasy Film

Raveena’s Revenge – Joe Boi
Welcome To Oneg – Delphine Batier
SENSHIN – Robert Woodman
Lorelei – Lars Janssen
Inspirare – Avelardo Daniel Burciaga
Venganza (Revenge) –  Joey Agbayani

Best Experimental Film

Kolonial – Stefanie Batten Bland & Jean-Claude Dhien
The Stare – Diego Olivares
The Fishnet Hypothesis – Elizabeth Fields

Best Student Film

Blinded by Desire – Guibert Najarian
The Lumberjack – James Matthew Rutkin
ARÀKHNÊ – Gabriel Popoff & Jeanne Noulin
The Big Choice – Kiersten Houser
Internal Consumption – Alice Plampin
no S I G N A L – James L. Velli

Halloween Special – Best Villain

Dean Deck – Mercy: Veil of Shadows
Billy Flynn – Last Chance
Erik Rodenhiser – Final Girl
Nicholas Paparo – For Roger
Baron Von Laugho – Tohell Road
Gus Drake – Backstage

Halloween Special – Best Monster

The Night Terror – Night Terror
Creature – Creature
Jeremy Schuessler – Dream Girl
Dave Bailey – The Stitcher
Travis Darkow – Tales From Town Z: The King in Yellow
Lana Spehar – Monsters Aren’t Real

Halloween Special – Best Scream Queen

Muireann Bird – Deep Shock
Lyndsi LaRose – Last Chance
Michelle Randall – Monsters Aren’t Real

Best Director

Davide Melini – Deep Shock
Anthony Fanelli – Last Chance
Marc Saez – The Role Of A Lifetime
Lars Janssen – Lorelei
Amber Rose McNeill – Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs
Larry Carrell – Girl Next

Best First Time Director

Hemzah Naveed – The Last Sunset
Larissa James – Creature
Aaron Bartuska – For Roger
Christine Celozzi – My Friends The Plants
Christopher J. Moriarity – Reverse the Punishment
Liam Petite – Five Pounds of Pressure

Best Producer

Gina Comparetto & Lyndsi LaRose – Last Chance
Rober Woodman – SENSHIN
David Sholom – For Roger
James Alcazar – Butchered
Signorinella Films, Lana Spehar & Kristina Moschella – Monsters Aren’t Real
Larry Wade Carrell – Girl Next

Best Actress

Paige Laree Poucel – Routine
Ashleigh Ann Wood – Raveena’s Revenge
Véronique Picciotto – The Role Of A Lifetime
Charlotte Dawn Potter – Backstage
Penny Munroe – Here There Be Tygers
Lacey Cofran – Girl Next

Best Actor

Joe Boi – Raveena’s Revenge
Gus Drake – Backstage
Marcus Jean Pirae – Girl Next
Andrew Hopper – Starsky
Brent Roberts – Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs
Preston Geer – The Creep

Best Supporting Actress

Paula Marcenaro Solinger – Girl Next
Stefani Paige – Paraphilia
Sofia Fytianou – Athame
Rachel Thundat – Curtain Call
Gina Comparetto – Last Chance
Martha Prosper – Last Chance

Best Supporting Actor

Olivier Hemon – The Role Of A Lifetime
John F. Thomas – Curtain Call
Billy Flynn – Last Chance
George Bracebridge – Deep Shock
Henry Haggard – Paraphilia
Ethan Rodgers – Black Vulture

Best Cinematography

Jean-Claude Dhien – Kolonial
Jay Ruggieri – Last Chance
Marcus Williams – The Lumberjack
Joe Lujan – The Stitcher
Lars Janssen – Lorelei
Alexandre Robichaud – Inspirare

Best Editor

Claire Haines – Raveena’s Revenge
Cory Holland – Paraphilia
Anthony Fanelli – Last Chance
Travis Irvine & Amber Rose McNeill – Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs
Jeremy Schuessler – Dream Girl
Marlene Emilia Rios – Heathens

Best Screenplay

Davide Melini – Deep Shock
Cory Holland – Paraphilia
Amber Rose McNeill – Andrew Ginger/Likes Dogs
Marc Saez – The Role Of A Lifetime
Charlotte Dawn Potter & Lars Janssen – Lorelei
Kedrick Parham – Perception

Best Sound Design

Tyler Myers – Heathens
Tamara Johnson & Larissa James – Creature
Jeff Paulukinas – For Roger
Jordan Wright – Initiation
Nicholas Tsiotsias – Reverse the Punishment
Ason Intrigue – Posture

Best Original Music

Giulio De Gaetano – Deep Shock
Frankie Mason – Five Pounds of Pressure
Weston Wilson – Feed the Animals

Best Special Effects

Travis Jacobs, Dylan Kuhn & Beau Moran – Reverse the Punishment
Melanie Ayres – Hands Off
Frida Montes – Inspirare

Best Visual Effects

Frida Montes – Inspirare
Proddigi Films – Girl Next
Joey Agbayani – Venganza (Revenge)

Best Makeup

Lauren Hudson – Curtain Call
Amanda Robbins – Creature
Jake Porath – The Stitcher
Walter Welsh – The Killdren Are Coming
Eduardo Ahmin – Inspirare
Colin Wilson – Monsters Aren’t Real

Best Costume & Production Design

Gwyn Cutler, Sarah Drepaul & Ashley Ranere – For Roger
Eduardo Ahmin – Inspirare
Alexis Chiquete-Nunoz and Dominque Garcia, Kellsie Domnitz & Jacquelyn Vrooman-Hernandez – Curtain Call

Best Unproduced Script

Outer – Joe Boi
Homefront – Dianna Renee
Starvation Lake – Paul Grammatico
Madness – Clemente Esparza, II
Burial – Brooke deRosa
Legends – Danny Alex

About the festival

Thrills and Chills is an international bi-monthly online competition which specializes in genre films from all horizons – horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy… – and honors the originality and variety of those flicks.

Initiated by a group of movie buffs and filmmakers, its ambition is to shed light on unconventional projects that share the same enthusiasm and passion for those popular genres loved by the audience.

Once a month, our jury deliberates and determines an official selection and awards the best works and performances in all categories.

All winners and honorable mentions receive the Thrills and Chills laurel and a individual ready-to-print certificate.

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