Liquid Media Group and Eluvio team up to showcase iNDIEFLIX film ‘ANGST’ through blockchain technology

Liquid Media Group (NASDAQ:YVR) is excited to announce their collaboration with Eluvio to showcase iNDIEFLIX’s original documentary ‘ANGST.’ The Eluvio Content Fabric is a utility blockchain network for owner-controlled storage, distribution, and monetization of digital content at scale. It provides live and file-based content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, and dynamic and static distribution, and minting of derivative NFTs for all ranges of content experiences.The first-ever public streaming of the documentary ‘ANGST’ kicked off on the 21st of January, and will be shown exclusively on Eluvio’s site for 10 days only.

‘ANGST’ was created to raise awareness around the topic of mental health and to destigmatize conversations surrounding anxiety. The 10-day streaming event will be raising funds for a few notable organizations:, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and the iNDIEFLIX Foundation, as these organizations advocate for mental health awareness.

This streaming collaboration allows ‘ANGST’ to have its first online public debut. Prior to this opportunity, the documentary had been accessible only in live community settings, where it has touched the lives of 2 million people worldwide. In addition, the California school board has implemented the documentary into the mandatory statewide education curriculum. As mental health issues are at an all-time high in the lives of young people, the state of California is using ‘ANGST’ and other resources developed by iNDIEFLIX to address this crisis with their students.

Blockchain streaming is also an interest of iNDIEFLIX that relates to their company’s mission. This type of technology will be aiding in the small film products main goals; providing a hopeful and inspiring film to young adults who are struggling worldwide, promoting engagement through the iNDIEFLIX Discord channel, and raising money for three important organizations that advocate for mental health awareness, including their own iNDIEFLIX Foundation.

“Liquid stands firmly in support of the work that iNDIEFLIX is creating. We are excited that this event is bringing powerful content to global audiences while demonstrating, via our partnership with Eluvio, how Liquid can assist Independent film and TV producers with approachable applications of blockchain technology including tokenization and NFTs,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media Group.

Interested viewers can register for the event online by accessing their safe and easy-to-use digital wallet to claim their community NFTs for a greater cause. These digital wallets serve as an online vault that allow viewers to donate by credit card or cryptocurrencies, maintain free community NFTs and purchase the exclusive ‘ANGST’ NFT. Viewers who want to discuss the film are encouraged to join the iNDIEFLIX Discord conversation.

iNDIEFLIX is dropping an NFT collection inspired by the conversation surrounding mental health to parallel with the 10-day streaming event and all other streamable video assets created along with the ANGST film. The new collection showcases three free-to-claim community NFTs – Revelation, Action and Change –  as well as the for-donation ANGST NFT, which includes exclusive content.

This event is the first opportunity for Liquid Media Group and Eluvio to incorporate blockchain technology into practice, demonstrating both the accessibility and the power of  blockchain technology for social good.

“NFTs are built around communities, so we are delighted to provide our first series in a collection specifically focused on the conversation of mental health and minting some of the key supporting assets on the blockchain,” said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio.

Viewers who want to discuss the film are encouraged to join the iNDIEFLIX Discord conversation.

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