Indie Electro-Pop Band FINKEL in New Documentary

Indie Electro-Pop Band FINKEL Embraces Creation and the Cold in New Documentary Islanders.
Jane and Brian Spencer of FINKEL

Gravitas Ventures, an Anthem Sports & Entertainment Company, and Kamikaze Dogfight present a Slow Blink Studios production and announce the North American VOD and DVD release of the documentary film Islanders on September 27th, 2022. Mistaken for Strangers meets Life Below Zero, Jane and Brian Spencer of the LA-based electro-pop band FINKEL traverse the icy forests of Michigan’s famous Mackinac Island visiting family and friends from the past and recording their new album of the same title.

Islanders is an observational slice-of-life documentary that explores creative immersion, indie songwriting, and returning to your roots. With mellow synthetic beats, haunting vocals, and bespoke animation from Robbie Shilstone, FINKEL embraces the resurgence of the electroclash “now” sound made newly relevant by the likes of Glass Animals, Blood Orange, and Billie Eilish. The film encourages its audience to explore their soul and the drive to create art for art’s sake when the structure of our world leaves everything else in question.

Synopsis: Faced with a rapidly changing music scene and an uncertain future, electro-pop duo FINKEL leave their home in Los Angeles and embark on a journey to the icy forests of Michigan’s famous Mackinac Island. Here Jane returns to her childhood home with partner and bandmate Brian to revisit the people and places from her past. FINKEL must embrace this unique lifestyle as they dive headfirst in the creative process once more. Their goal: write an album inspired by this extraordinary place. Navigating the joys and complexities of returning to a place frozen in the past, Jane and Brian immerse themselves in the sonic landscape of Mackinac and find inspiration for their new body of work.

Jane and Brian of FINKEL shared jointly, “This experience changed us to our core, and showed us the impact that marrying our love of music, film, and animation could have.  The outcome was more fulfilling and fun than we even thought possible… Can we do it all over again?”

Islanders will be available on streaming and cable platforms across the US and Canada on September 27th.

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